have a chip on one's shoulder → είμαι τσατίλας, είμαι τσαντίλας, είμαι οξύθυμος, είμαι αναποδιασμένος, είμαι νευρόσπαστο, είμαι νευράκιας, αρπάζομαι με τη μία, έχω το μάλωμα στο τσεπάκι μου, είμαι μες στην ξινίλα, έχω μια μούρη μέχρι κάτω, όποιος έχει τη μύγα μυγιάζεται, ψοφάω για παρεξήγηση, παρεξηγιέμαι, θίγομαι εύκολα, κρατώ κακία, κρατάω κακία, έχω απωθημένα, έχω κόμπλεξ, είμαι κομπλεξικός, έχω παράπονο, έχω άχτι, έχω λυμένο το ζωνάρι μου για καυγά, έχω λυμένο το ζωνάρι μου για καβγά


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have a chip on one's shoulder → τσατίλας, τσαντίλας, οξύθυμος, αναποδιασμένος, αρπάζεται με τη μία, έχει το μάλωμα στο τσεπάκι του, είναι μες στην ξινίλα, έχει μια μούρη μέχρι κάτω, όποιος έχει τη μύγα μυγιάζεται

chip on one's shoulder
A form of challenge, in the same spirit as a medieval knight throwing down his gauntlet.  
(idiomatic) A habitually combative attitude, usually because of a harboured grievance, sense of inferiority, or having something to prove.  
(idiomatic) A tendency to take offence quickly.
chip on one's shoulder - Wiktionary

chip on one's shoulder {n. phr.}, {informal} A quarrelsome nature; readiness to be angered.
He went through life with a chip on his shoulder.
Jim often gets into fights because he goes around with a chip on his shoulder.
chip on one's shoulder : C : American Idioms @ English Slang

A person who has "a chip on his shoulder" is angry because of some thing that happened in the past. Example: "He lost his game this morning, and now he has a chip on his shoulder."

It is easy for a person to get in a fight when he has a chip on his shoulder, because he is already angry about something else. Example: http://"Watch out for that guy, he's got a chip on his shoulder."[/url]

To start a fight, men used to put chips of wood on their shoulder and challenge others to "try to knock it off". Example: "Tom had a tough time growing up, so he's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder."

You can use the definite article ("the") which sounds more general ("a chip on the shoulder"), but more often people use the personal pronoun ("his", "her", "their") to say that that specific person has "a chip on his (her, their) shoulder."Example: "What's bothering that guy?" Reply: "Nothing. He's just got a chip on the shoulder."
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