nocturnal eating syndrome (NES) → σύνδρομο νυχτερινής υπερφαγίας, σύνδρομο νυχτερινής πρόσληψης τροφής


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nocturnal eating syndrome, night eating syndrome (NES) → διαταραχή επεισοδιακής υπερφαγίας, αδηφαγικη διαταραχή, σύνδρομο υπερφαγίας

Binge eating disorder (BED) is an eating disorder characterized by binge eating without subsequent purging episodes. The disorder was first described in 1959 by psychiatrist and researcher Albert Stunkard as "night eating syndrome" (NES), and the term "binge eating disorder" was coined to describe the same binging-type eating behavior without the exclusive nocturnal component. BED usually leads to obesity although it can occur in normal weight individuals. There may be a genetic inheritance factor involved in BED independent of other obesity risks and there is also a higher incidence of psychiatric comorbidity, with the percentage of individuals with BED and an Axis I comorbid psychiatric disorder being 78.9% and 63.6% for those with subclinical BED.
Binge eating disorder - Wikipedia

ar: متلازمة الأكل الليلي; ca: síndrome d'alimentació nocturna; de: Nacht-Esser-Syndrom, Nachtessersyndrom (NES); en: night eating syndrome; es: síndrome de alimentación nocturna; fi: yösyömishäiriö; it: sindrome da alimentazione notturna; ja: 夜間摂食症候群; ko: 야식증; nl: nachtelijk eetsyndroom; pl: zespół nocnego jedzenia; tr: gece yeme sendromu


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