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Title: σπλαγχνόπτωση → visceroptosis, enteroptosis, splanchnoptosis, abdominal ptosis
Post by: g4freeman on 10 Feb, 2022, 21:50:51
enteroptosis -- σπλαγχνόπτωση
σπλαγχνοπτωσία, σπλαχνοπτωσία

Visceroptosis is a prolapse or a sinking of the abdominal viscera (internal organs) below their natural position. "Ptosis" being the defining term, any or all of the organs may be displaced downward. When only the intestines are involved, the condition is known as enteroptosis. When the stomach is found below its normal position, the term gastroptosis is used. The condition exists in all degrees of severity and may not give rise to any adverse symptoms.
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