aneutronic fusion → ανετρονική σύντηξη


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aneutronic fusion → ανετρονική σύντηξη

Aneutronic fusion is any form of fusion power in which very little of the energy released is carried by neutrons. While the lowest-threshold nuclear fusion reactions release up to 80% of their energy in the form of neutrons, aneutronic reactions release energy in the form of charged particles, typically protons or alpha particles. Successful aneutronic fusion would greatly reduce problems associated with neutron radiation such as damaging ionizing radiation, neutron activation, and requirements for biological shielding, remote handling and safety.
Aneutronic fusion - Wikipedia

ar: الاندماج النووي غير النيوتروني; da: aneutronisk fusion; en: aneutronic fusion; es: fusión aneutrónica; fr: fusion aneutronique; it: fusione aneutronica; pl: fuzja aneutronowa; pt: fusão aneutrônica


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