self-cherishing -> φιλαυτία, εγωπάθεια, αυτοενασχόληση, ενασχόληση με τον εαυτό, αυταρέσκεια, αυτολατρεία, αυτολατρία, εγωλατρία


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self-cherishing -> φιλαυτία, αυτοενασχόληση, ενασχόληση με τον εαυτό, αυταρέσκεια,  αυτολατρεία

φιλαυτία η [filaftía] Ο25 : (λόγ.) η υπερβολική αγάπη προς τον εαυτό μας· εγωκεντρισμός, εγωισμός.
[λόγ. < αρχ. φιλαυτία]
Παράλληλη αναζήτηση

Self-cherishing A mental attitude that considers oneself to be supremely important and precious. It is regarded as a principal object to be abandoned by Bodhisattvas. See Eight Steps to Happiness and Meaningful to Behold.


Self-cherishing thought

The self-centred attitude of considering one’s own happiness to be more important than that of others; the main obstacle to the realization of bodhicitta
Glossary | Hayagriva Buddhist Centre

Whenever you experience unhappiness or depression in daily life, this is caused by the ego, the self-cherishing thought. Any obstacle to practicing Dharma or even to achieving happiness and success in this life is caused by the ego. The number of times you have suffered due to relationship problems, one after another, on and on, is all totally due to the ego. Attachment and desire arise due to the self-cherishing thought, and this creates suffering, confusion and relationship problems. Others’ unhappiness, anger, jealousy and so forth, are also problems caused by the ego.

This appearance of being devoid of flesh symbolizes that enlightened beings are completely free from self-cherishing.
Cette apparence, dénuée de chair, symbolise le fait que les bouddhas sont complètement libérés de l'autopréoccupation

that self-cherishing of "me" and "mine" and the "I'm so wonderful" feeling
l'amour du «moi» du «mien» et du sentiment d'être «tellement formidable»

Selbstverwöhnung, Selbst-Wertschätzung, Selbstwertschätzung
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