bittersweet → γλυκόπικρος, γλυκόπικρη, γλυκόπικρο, γλυκύπικρος, γλυκύπικρη, γλυκύπικρο, πικρόγλυκος, πικρόγλυκη, πικρόγλυκο, σολανόν το γλυκύπικρον, στρύχνος ο γλυκύπικρος


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bittersweet → γλυκόπικρος, γλυκόπικρη, γλυκόπικρο, σολανόν το γλυκύπικρον, στρύχνος

Solanum dulcamara is a species of vine in the potato genus Solanum, family Solanaceae. Common names include bittersweet, bittersweet nightshade, bitter nightshade, blue bindweed, Amara Dulcis, climbing nightshade, fellenwort, felonwood, poisonberry, poisonflower, scarlet berry, snakeberry, trailing bittersweet, trailing nightshade, violet bloom, and woody nightshade.

It is native to Europe and Asia, and widely naturalised elsewhere, including North America, where it is an invasive problem weed.
Solanum dulcamara - Wikipedia
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