Calvatia utriformis -> Λυκόπερδο το ασκόμορφο, αλεποπορδή, πόπορδο


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Handkea utriformis
Lycoperdon utriforme
Lycoperdon caelatum
Calvatia utriformis -> Λυκόπερδο το ασκόμορφο, αλεποπορδή, πόπορδο, φούσκα
mosaic puffball

Handkea utriformis, synonymous with Lycoperdon utriforme, Lycoperdon caelatum or Calvatia utriformis, is a species of the Lycoperdaceae family of puffballs. A rather large mushroom, it may reach dimensions of up to 25 cm (9.8 in) broad by 20 cm (7.9 in) tall. It is commonly known as the mosaic puffball, a reference to the polygonal-shaped segments the outer surface of the fruiting body develops as it matures. Widespread in northern temperate zones, it is found frequently on pastures and sandy heaths, and is edible when young. H. utriformis has antibiotic activity against a number of bacteria, and can bioaccumulate the trace metals copper and zinc to relatively high concentrations.


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