DVX2 New features

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DVX2 New features

Proprietary DeepMiner technology delivers an unprecedented level of deep database mining
DeepMiner extracts much more information from terminology and translation memory databases than any other solution. That’s because it doesn’t just use the individual terms and sentences in your databases, but also carries out sophisticated cross-analyses of those databases on the fly to "mine" translations of the building block words and phrase segments embedded in them. That’s an industry first!

Advanced new translation engine generates nested fuzzy match repairs
DeepMiner both extracts more information from your databases and uses it to much greater effect. One way it does this is by “repairing” fuzzy matches. Uniquely, DeepMiner does this by replacing non-match words and phrases in a partial match with appropriate database records and “mined” words and phrases to get a more accurate result. But that’s not all. DeepMiner can simultaneously create “nested matches” where words or segments in these phrases are themselves replaced in the same way to form a complete new translation. No competitor product even comes close.

Next generation Assemble technology
DVX2 takes Déjà Vu’s unique Assemble technology to an entirely new level. Completely new coding delivers a substantial increase in speed, while DeepMiner means that Assemble now builds database terms and sentences, mined words and phrase segments plus nested matches of all the former into usable results, even when no fuzzy matches can be found. You’ll get more out of your databases than was ever possible before!

Compatible with external Machine Translation (MT) engines, including Google Translate
An option in Assemble allows you to set DeepMiner to query MT systems including Google Translate for portions it does not find in your databases, extending its unprecedented ability to generate usable full translations even when it finds partial or no matches in your databases.

Powerful support for agglutinative/highly-inflected languages
DeepMiner provides vastly superior data mining and translation technology for agglutinative languages like Finnish and Hungarian, as well for complex compound words in German.

Improved Automatic Conversion
More effective detection and automatic conversion of dates and other numeric tokens (section numbering, etc.)

AutoWrite interactive predictive translation
AutoWrite works with you as you translate, automatically proposing a series of terms, phrases and sentences mined from your databases and interactively assembled for you select with one click as you type. Unlike legacy technology, AutoWrite works directly with your existing databases, so there’s no need to prepare special dictionaries. What’s more, AutoWrite is interactive and refines its predictive proposals as you work through each sentence. Feeding you the solutions you need as you need them, you no longer need to look through terminology and translation memory matches - AutoWrite automatically puts them at your fingertips. And of course you cut your typing dramatically. Just click and go!
AutoWrite harnesses DeepMiner’s database leveraging and translation technology to bring unprecedented increases in translator productivity, drastically cutting and in many cases eliminating the time taken to edit fuzzy matches. Freelance translators benefit greatly, seeing much less of their income eroded by the practice of paying reduced rates for fuzzy matches. Translation Companies deploying DVX2 gain both increased in-house productivity and enhanced freelance translator loyalty, maintaining a competitive edge while giving their clients all the benefits of Déjà Vu’s Intelligent Quality technology.
AutoWrite makes DVX2 the first and only Computer Aided Translation tool that dramatically increases productivity for texts that have few or no translation memory segment matches.

Streamlined wizards
Greater ease of use and productivity from more intuitive wizards with fewer steps.

Project templates
Save any project as a template containing all the necessary settings, including your client, subject area, project languages and the databases assigned for each language, plus your user security and file filter settings. You will then be able to simply select all future project files in Windows Explorer and choose the appropriate template to create a new project all in one go. That’s a real time saver for translators and heaven for project managers!

New file import/export filters
Completely recoded filters greatly increase import speed while using considerably less RAM. Import large Word and XML files up to 20 times faster than in DVX!

Combined Project Navigator and Project Explorer that monitors your progress
New Project Explorer shows all project files with total and individual file translation progress, while allowing you to add or remove files at any time directly from the same window.

Increased keyboard shortcuts
Greater productivity from reduced mouse work, allowing users to keep typing uninterrupted.

New word count and analysis engines
Word file word counts identical to Microsoft Word. Analysis statistics rationalised for clarity and compatible with de facto industry standards, including TRADOS Analysis.

Combined Project Navigator and Project Explorer that monitors your progress
New Project Converter   DVX2 Workgroup now includes a Project Converter that allows you to convert entire multiple-file projects to a single RTF or XLIFF file, making it even easier to work seamlessly with suppliers and clients who don’t yet use Déjà Vu (e.g. Word, MemoQ or SDL TRADOS 2009).

Database editors with full multicolumn views
View all on-screen entries in your databases simultaneously in all languages and edit them in place without opening any other windows. Database maintenance was never easier!

Translation Memory (TM), Terminology Database (TD) and Lexicon import and export settings saved in selectable templates   
Save your most-used settings for easy re-use, reducing the potential for error and increasing productivity - especially for project managers!

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