customer lifetime value (CLV, CLTV) → αξία κύκλου ζωής πελάτη, αξία κύκλου ζωής πελατών, αξία διάρκειας ζωής πελάτη


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customer lifetime value (CLV, CLTV) → αξία κύκλου ζωής χρηστών, αξία διάρκειας ζωής πελάτη

In marketing, customer lifetime value (CLV or often CLTV), lifetime customer value (LCV), or life-time value (LTV) is a prognostication of the net profit contributed to the whole future relationship with a customer. The prediction model can have varying levels of sophistication and accuracy, ranging from a crude heuristic to the use of complex predictive analytics techniques.
Customer lifetime value - Wikipedia

en: customer lifetime value; es: valor del tiempo de vida del cliente; fa: ارزش طول عمر مشتری; fr: valeur vie client; it: lifetime value; ja: 顧客生涯価値; ko: 고객생애가치; pl: ltv; pt: valor de tempo de vida; ru: пожизненная ценность клиента; uk: пожиттєва цінність клієнта; zh_yue: 顧客終生價值; zh: 客户生命周期价值
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