master of horse -> ἵππαρχος


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Stable, master of horse -> ἱππών/ἱππόστασις, ἵππαρχος

Hi, this is my first posting and I don't speak any Greek so pardon any gaffes! I need to know the Greek equivalent for the words 'stable' and the job title 'master of horse'. The catch is that it's not modern Greek I'm after, its Greek as it would have been used in the 4th century. Master of Horse was the title of one of Emperor Valens' senior commanders killed at the Battle of Adrianople. Also does anyone know if Greek naming conventions at the time would have allowed for this title to be taken as a surname of sorts? Look forward to your help, thanks!
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stable =  ιππών, ιππόστασις

master of horse = ίππαρχος

Ίππαρχος (master of horse) was also a rank in the cavalry but I have never met it as a surname.
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Ίππαρχος is indeed the translation used for Magister equitum, and is a word much older than the Latin term.

Hipparchus was quite a common name in ancient Greece, but there's not a single Ίππαρχος in the phone book now.


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