capital accumulation → συσσώρευση κεφαλαίου, κεφαλαιακή συσσώρευση


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accumulation of wealth → συσσώρευση πλούτου
accumulation of capital
capital accumulation → συσσώρευση κεφαλαίου, κεφαλαιακή συσσώρευση

Capital accumulation is the dynamic that motivates the pursuit of profit, involving the investment of money or any financial asset with the goal of increasing the initial monetary value of said asset as a financial return whether in the form of profit, rent, interest, royalties or capital gains.
Capital accumulation - Wikipedia

ar: تراكم رأس المال; be: канцэнтрацыя капіталу; ca: acumulació del capital; da: kapitalakkumulation; de: Akkumulation; en: capital accumulation; eo: akumulo; es: acumulación del capital; eu: kapitalaren metaketa; fa: انباشت سرمایه; fr: accumulation du capital; ja: 資本蓄積; ko: 자본 축적; la: accumulatio capitalis; lrc: اماشت سرمایه; nl: kapitaalaccumulatie; pl: akumulacja; pt: acumulação de capital; simple: capital accumulation; sk: akumulácia kapitálu; uk: концентрація капіталу; vi: tích lũy tư bản; zh_yue: 資本累積


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