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subsoiling → υπεδαφοκαλλιέργεια

Subsoiling is defined as non-inversion tillage below a depth of 14 inches . Figure 6.1 shows an example of an agricultural implement that has been used for uniform disturbance of a soil profile to depths of 14–20 inches. Soils compacted from traffic, animals or natural processes benefit from subsoiling because the compacted zone is disrupted. Subsoiling creates larger pores that increase rooting and infiltration. The benefits of subsoiling depend upon many factors including soil type, soil management and vehicle management. Much research has been conducted that provides evidence of the benefits of subsoiling. However, some research has shown no overall benefits to crop productivity. Reasons for the discrepancies include differences in equipment, climate, annual variations in weather, cropping systems, management practices and soil types
Subsoiling - SARE.
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