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πολυκετίδιο και πολυκετίδια

κατά το peptide -> πεπτίδιο, και το amide -> αμίδιο

Polyketides are a class of natural products derived from a precursor molecule consisting of a chain of alternating ketone (or reduced forms of a ketone) and methylene groups: (-CO-CH2-). First studied in the early 20th century, discovery, biosynthesis, and application of polyketides has evolved. It is a large and diverse group of secondary metabolites caused by its complex biosynthesis which resembles that of fatty acid synthesis. Because of this diversity, polyketides can have various medicinal, agricultural, and industrial applications. Many polyketides are medicinal or exhibit acute toxicity. Biotechnology has enabled discovery of more naturally-occurring polyketides and evolution of new polyketides with novel or better bioactivity.
Polyketide - Wikipedia

ca: policètid; cs: polyketidy; de: Polyketide; en: polyketide; es: policétido; fi: polyketidit; fr: polycétide; gl: policétido; hu: poliketid; id: poliketida; it: polichetide; ja: ポリケチド; ko: 폴리케타이드; pt: policetídeo; ru: поликетиды; sl: poliketid; th: พอลิคีไทด์; uk: полікетиди; zh: 聚酮

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