no one is the wiser → δε θα το καταλάβει κανείς, κανείς δεν θα πάρει πρέφα τίποτε, δε θα μυριστεί κανείς τίποτε, δε θα πάρει χαμπάρι κανείς τίποτε


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Τι θα πει αυτό; Δεν βρίσκω πουθενά ορισμό του. Διάβασα μερικές προτάσεις που χρησιμοποιείται, και μου κάνει κάτι του στυλ «Ούτε γάτα ούτε ζημιά». Τι λέτε;

- Then the suspects go upstairs and rip off Laurel’s jewelry.
- And bail on bikes. That’s a little low rent, don’t you think?
- Yeah. But I’m thinking in a neighborhood like this if you burn rubber outta here, it’s gonna cause a lot of attention. But if you roll quietly away on a bike...
- Yeah, no one’s the wiser. Okay, I get it.
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κανείς δεν θα πάρει πρέφα τίποτε
δε θα μυριστεί κανείς τίποτε
δε θα πάρει χαμπάρι κανείς τίποτε

no one will be any the wiser
something that you say which means that no one will notice something bad that someone has done

be none the wiser / not be (any) the wiser
1. to fail to understand something Isabel must have explained her idea three times to me, but I'm afraid I'm none the wiser. If you take the label off the jar and say you made it yourself, your guests won't be any the wiser.
2. to not be aware of something The health department gave the restaurant a health warning, but customers were none the wiser.
Usage notes: often said about efforts to be sure that no one is aware: I figured I could just get rid of the stuff, and you'd be none the wiser.
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