move forward → προχωρώ, προχωράω, εξελίσσω, κινούμαι προς τα εμπρός, προοδεύω, προωθώ, επιτυγχάνω πρόοδο, επίτευξη προόδου, µεταφορά


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mmmm it's a quote from a book. it says:
"Life is what you make it. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You can't change the past, but the future isn't set in stone. You can effect a change there. Move forward not with hatred or love. Move forward with purpose."

someone was kind enough to translate it to Ancient Greek, but i also wanted to know how it looked and sounded in Modern. so if you could also write it so i can somehow read it, i'd be VERY thankfull!

BTW, this forum is awesome!
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