gadji -> μπαλαμός, μη τσιγγάνος, λευκός


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gadji -> μπαλαμός

A gadji or gadjo is a term of Romani philosophy that means a person who has no romanipe. Usually, that's a person who is not an ethnic Romani, but also it can be an ethnic Rom who doesn't follow the Romani Code.

This word comes from the pre-Romani word for "peasant" and has the same root as the Romani word "gav" (a village). Romani ancestors were nomadic musicians and craftspeople; they did not live in villages.

In Spanish gitanos, the derived gachó and gachí, after passing through Caló, have become to mean "man, lover" and "woman, girl". In Portuguese ciganos, a more direct version is used with the same meaning, gajo and gaja (but usually used as a depreciative term). The slang word 'Gadgie', widely used in Scotland and North East England, is another form of the original Romani word. In Japanese, gaijin refers to any non-ethnic Japanese.

Romanies of the Western Europe and Americas often interpret gadjies as "impure" persons because they think that only following Romani Code may make a person be "pure".

“Gadji” and “gadjo” are the words the Roma people - also known as gypsies - call the non-Roma. If you’re a non-Roma who loves gypsy culture, ...
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