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Title: περιίστημι ή περιΐστημι; → περιίστημι
Post by: spiros on 15 Jul, 2020, 13:01:21
περιίστημι or περιΐστημι;
Title: περιίστημι or περιΐστημι;
Post by: billberg23 on 18 Jul, 2020, 02:15:02
The sign of diaeresis is not an ancient convention.  I'd agree with LSJ that it's unnecessary in this case. It's good to remember that in antiquity there was no need for diaeresis here because the verbal component (ἵστημι) began with a dasia (rough breathing).  By the middle ages, when the aspiration had disappeared, peri-histēmi had become peri-istēmi.  To avoid running the two iotas together, a sign of separation (diaeresis) was now needed.