Multilingual AI-powered writing and editing tools for translators, proofreaders and language professionals (Josh Goldsmith)

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If you've been thinking about tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) to help you write copy or edit translations, you're in luck.

We'll explore how to use these tools to:

— Fix your spelling and grammar
— Find synonyms and improve your writing
— Write or edit texts — in multiple languages

Ready to improve your writing? Read on!

Spelling and grammar checkers

As language experts, we frequently write in non-native languages — whether for sending a quote to a client, penning a note to a colleague, or writing blog or social media posts.

Spelling and grammar errors can shoot us in the foot, ruin our image, and determine whether we land a job.

That's why having a solid spelling and grammar checker that covers all your working languages is essential for language professionals.

Although spellcheckers are built into most word processors, we're a big fan of finding a multilingual tool that works across a range of software, including right inside your browser, email, and word processor.

Some better-known tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid are only available for English, so they may not be the best option for multilanguage professionals.

Instead, try LanguageTool. This freemium tool provides spelling and grammar tips in 30+ languages! With automatic language detection and plug-ins for most web browsers, word processors and operating systems, LanguageTool is our go-to spelling and grammar checker. And at just $4.99 a month or $59.90 a year, the Premium version is an investment that's worth its weight in gold

Check out our full review of LanguageTool!
LanguageTool, your multilingual writing assistant — techforword

A brief introduction to GPT-3

As its name suggests, GPT-3, or the Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is the third in a series of predictive models that have been trained with a huuuge amount of data across tons of languages.

GPT's massive neural network has actually learned to learn! Give it a simple prompt, and it can generate impressively convincing output across a range of genres — from nonfiction articles to email and marketing content and even creative texts, copy, and code!

Let's dive into some ways language professionals can use AI-supported writing tools!

Finish your sentences with Google's Smart Compose

Email can be the bane of our existence. What if we had a tool that would learn to complete our emails based on our style?

Enter Smart Compose. Currently available for English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, this built-in Google tool will predict your sentences and complete them for you. Time saving, here we come!

To learn more about how to use write faster and smarter and take the overwhelm out of email, check out our Tame your email monster: A techforword insiders challenge | techforwor.

Rewrite entire sentences with AI-based paraphrasing tools

Imagine your AI buddy reading your copy — and rewriting it for you!

Paraphrasing tools will do just that, offering up new sentences or entire paragraphs.

Tidy up text with the Neural Text Improving App

Interpreting technology researcher Claudio Fantinuoli — the mastermind behind InterpretBank — recently released an experimental "neural text improving app." Available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, it will correct grammar errors and rephrase sentences. Why not take it for a spin for free?

Tune up your prose with Wordtune

Our favorite paraphrasing tool is Wordtune. Draft a sentence, select it, and with a single click, Wordtune will serve up some impressive suggestions to improve your text. Scan through them and pick out the one you like. The free version offers plug-ins for Chrome, Edge and Word and 10 free rewrites per day, while the professional version ($9.99/month) includes unlimited rewrites and lets you choose a formal or casual tone and decide whether you want to expand or shorten your writing!

Although Wordtune only offers writing suggestions in English, you can give it a starting text in Spanish, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Mandarin, and Arabic and get recommendations in English. Machine translation + AI paraphrasing all bundled into one — pretty nifty!

Rewrite entire paragraphs with Writesonic

Looking for an AI-based tool that can rewrite entire paragraphs for you? Look no further than Writesonic, which will generate copy and rephrase texts in 24 languages!

Generate texts with AI copywriters

From articles to blog posts and emails to sales copy, AI copywriters can dish up copy in a vast array of genres and styles.

Simply pick the type of writing, language and tone and let the machine do the rest!

Popular multilingual options include Writesonic (24 languages, $15+/month), Jasper - The Best AI Writing Assistant (26 languages, $29+/month), Create Marketing Copy In Seconds (25+ languages, $35/month), and Rytr - Best AI Writer, Content Generator & Writing Assistant (34 languages, 5K characters free, then $9/month).

Our favorite, Rytr, takes the cake for its low price point, generous free tier, and impressive output. Pick your output type (from blog ideas to email and profile bios to longer-form copy) and tone (with 20+ options like "earnest," "casual," "convincing," "enthusiastic" and "formal"), give the machine a few bullet points to get started, and get ready to be amazed.

How translators and interpreters can use AI writing assistants to write faster and better

As multilingual language professionals, we write — a lot.

Emails. Social media copy. Our websites and professional profiles. Speeches. And of course, our translations!

Our words matter. And we're judged on them — even in a foreign language.

But coming up with the perfect turn of phrase, an email pitch to a prospective client, or a relevant blog post isn't always easy.

After using AI-based writing assistants for over a year, we're huge fans. They've saved us tons of time and offered up interesting copy ideas — like the introduction at the beginning of this post.

As with any new technology, always use AI with caution.

These tools can offer up impressive suggestions, but you're the one in charge! Simply mix those robots' ideas with your own for optimal, creative results.

So what are you waiting for? Instead of staring at a blank screen or fretting about your grammar in one of your foreign languages, why not take one of these AI writing assistants for a spin?

Josh Goldsmith is a UN and EU accredited translator and interpreter working from Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan into English. A passionate educator, Josh splits his time between interpreting, researching and teaching through, which empowers language professionals to make the most of technology.
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