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Title: CafeTran - translation memory tool (CAT tool)
Post by: spiros on 23 Feb, 2010, 02:31:24
CafeTran supports the following features:

Translation resources
Creation and access to dictionaries and glossaries.
Direct access to favorite internet resources such as on-line dictionaries, encyclopeadias and web pages (Google Translate, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, KudoZ, WordNet etc.)
Convenient viewing and searching of images such as scanned documents, dictionaries etc.
Integration of resources in a work flow.
Resource synchronization with simultaneous access.

Translation memories
Support for multilanguage translation memories (TMX format).
Unicode support for a great number of languages.
Memories merging and filtering.
Optional pretranslation of a source text.
Automatic translation with the usage of heuristic statistical algorithms.
Integration of any number of memories in the workflow.
Remote memory connection.

Project and document formats
Industry standard XLIFF project format.
Edition and translation of TTX or TMX files as projects.
Translation of documents in popular formats (Text, XML, HTML, Abiword, Kword, OpenOffice, iWork).
Translation of Microsoft Office documents (needed MS Office 2003 or higher).
Adobe Indesign INX, IDML files
AutoCAD DXF files
DTP Tagged Text
Translation of uncleaned files saved as Ms Word (.docx) or OpenOffice (.odt) documents.

Translation management
Detailed billing information for each file in the project.
Registering orders either text or spreadsheet based (Ms Excel or OpenOffice Calc).
Generating invoices to print in OpenOffice Writer or Ms Word.
Billing calculation based on words/characters count.

Built-in editor.
Direct access to OpenOffice Writer.
Spell check and thesaurus.
Source text segmentation (sentence, word, paragraph or a regular expression).
Defining exceptions to segmentation rules.
Splitting, joining and expanding segments.
Segment Timer.
Placeables function.
Frequent terms extraction.
Preview of the translated document.
Alignment of two documents to add their segments to memories and/or glossaries.
Xliff project/TMX Memory/Glossary/Document conversions.
Translation statistics.
Auto-completion of the typed text and auto-suggestion of best memory matches.
Word selection history.
Clipboard sensitive look-up.

User interface
Fast navigation between project, resource and document views.
Views for source and target language segments.
Customizable fonts, colors, background files and orientation of the views.
Panoramic windows layout for laptops and big screens.

System architecture
Written in Java and independent.
Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris.

Latest features in the 2010 version

Translation of AutoCAD and Indesign documents.
Conversion of TMX memories to CSV glossaries.
Remote memory connection.
Segment Timer.
Connection to OpenOffice to view formating of segments.
Optional integration of Google Translate service into the workflow.
Translation of TTX files and iWork documents.
Better support of MS Office files (xml and docx formats).
Enabled Mac OS look and feel support on Mac OS systems.
Automatic translation (Auto-Assembling) feature.
Automatic correction of spelling mistakes.
Auto-Completion (Auto-Suggestion) of matches.
CafeTran Computer Aided Translation Software (
Title: Re: CafeTran - translation memory tool (CAT tool)
Post by: wings on 23 Feb, 2010, 12:55:17
Καφέ κερνάει για να αιτιολογήσει το όνομά του; :-)
Title: Re: CafeTran - translation memory tool (CAT tool)
Post by: spiros on 23 Feb, 2010, 15:53:39
Τον καφέ τον κέρασε ο socvav....
Title: Re: CafeTran - translation memory tool (CAT tool)
Post by: wings on 23 Feb, 2010, 15:55:10
Α, εντάξει τότε. :-)
Title: Re: CafeTran - translation memory tool (CAT tool)
Post by: michaelbeijer on 25 Sep, 2013, 20:50:21
Hello everyone. I just stumbled across this post and thought I should mention that CafeTran has recently gotten tons of amazing new features (in the nightly builds) and a new version is on its way.

There is also a brand new wiki, which is the official CafeTran help resource: Start - CafeTran Wiki (

Title: Re: CafeTran - translation memory tool (CAT tool)
Post by: spiros on 25 Oct, 2013, 20:04:49
First steps with CafeTran Espresso - YouTube (
Title: CafeTran - translation memory tool (CAT tool)
Post by: spiros on 30 Oct, 2020, 04:16:04
If you are a paying member and would like to activate the unlimited version of CafeTran Espresso:

1. Download CafeTran Espresso for your operating system at
2. After installation, launch the program and check the " services" box in the Other resources and services panel of the Dashboard. Close out the dashboard to go to the project view.
3. Towards the bottom of the program you will see connection options, including and TM-Town. Click on the tab for In the login page that appears, sign in to your account. CafeTran will automatically "read" your membership level and activate your unlimited license.
4. And to start using CafeTran, click the navigation burger (i.e. ☰) and then select the option to close the dashboard.