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I met briefly with Jean-François Richard of Terminotix (LogiTerm, AlignFactory, SynchroTerm) who showed me Bilingual Web Search, his new product. He's excited about it, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of you will like it as well. This is how it works: You enter a language combination in the web-based interface, choose one of the predefined websites or enter a new one with the language combination you need, and then enter the term you're looking for:

With the example above, you'll get the following result.

Here are a couple of things to consider: There's a huge difference in the number of preconfigured websites for the different language combinations (English> French = a whole lot, English> Inuktitut = not so much -- i.e., nothing). Also, if you enter a new website to crawl and look for bilingual terminology, you'll succeed only if the structure of the website follows a clear pattern. And, of course, there's a limit on the language combinations presently available.

As I said, though, Jean-François is excited about the product, so he wants to make it work for you. You can write to him at his email to let him know what language combinations you'd like and what websites you'd like to see preconfigured. Cost? Exactly as much as the usage of the tool: nothing.
— Jost Zetzsche, The 312th Tool Box Journal


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