customer stewardship -> υπεύθυνη διαχείριση των πελατών ;


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customer stewardship -> διαχείριση των πελατών

Customer stewardship and environmental stewardship are closely linked at X Company.
Η υπεύθυνη διαχείριση των πελατών και η υπεύθυνη διαχείριση του περιβάλλοντος συνδέονται στενά στην Χ.

Peter Block (1993) defined stewardship as:

...the set of principles and practices that have the potential to make dramatic changes in the
governance of our institutions. It is concerned with creating a way of governing ourselves that creates a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for outcomes at every level of the organization. It is a buck that stops everywhere. It means having more of a partnership with customers and creating self-reliance on the part of all who are touched by the institution. It says that the answer to economic problems is not reduced costs or better funding; it is to focus on relationships, reciprocity, and participation first.
Customer stewardship...  is the collective management principles and practices that focus on long-term customer outcomes.
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