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Large pelvic cyst- created a kink at the TUU anastomosis; poor drainage even with table tilt pre aspiration 730mls of pelvic cyst aspirated
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Γλωσσολογία: προδάσυνση

In phonetics, preaspiration (sometimes spelled pre-aspiration) is a period of voicelessness or aspiration preceding the closure of a voiceless obstruent, basically equivalent to an [h]-like sound preceding the obstruent. In other words, when an obstruent is preaspirated, the glottis is opened for some time before the obstruent closure. To mark preaspiration using the International Phonetic Alphabet, the diacritic for regular aspiration, ⟨ʰ⟩, can be placed before the preaspirated consonant.
Preaspiration - Wikipedia
Ηλεκτρονικό Γλωσσάρι Ορολογίας της Γλωσσολογίας / Online Glossary of Linguistic Terminology
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