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Wordbird adds a few convenience features to Studio's editor I felt were seriously missing, in particular:-

- Highlighting (usual Word colours per right-click menu)

- Automatically correct TWo INitial CApitals (putting right the often failing built-in feature)

- Lookup (web search) per right-click menu

- Word-style Autotext

- Select All visible rows

- Add / remove Non-Translatables ("variables") to current TM (per right-click menu)

All options are optional (can be switched on/off).

This plugin is for all those who are put off by Studio's editor because it is missing many features we are used to when working in Word (I'm almost twice as fast when working in Word). I feel there has gone too much effort in developing various bells & whistles which concern the translator only peripherally. Wordbird is intended to improve the most important tool for the hard working translator: the editor.

This implementation is rough but functional. The configuration lives on the Add-Ins tab of the ribbon. Most tools are accessible via the right-click context menu and don't have keyboard shortcuts assigned (that's how I roll).

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Hi folks,

Can somebody please post the plugins (2017 and 2019 version) of this excellent plugin, https://appstore.sdl.com/language/app/wordbird/890/, to this site for those of us who can't access the SDL appstore?

Thanks a lot!
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