Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider (plug-in for Trados Studio 2014/2015/2017)


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Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider (plug-in for Trados Studio 2014/2015/2017)

Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider is a Trados Studio 2014/2015 plug-in that enables you to show AutoSuggest entries that match regular expressions specified.

With this plug-in, you can, for example, enter a word or phrase that does not need to be translated, such as a model number or serial number, by selecting the regex-matched suggestion from AutoSuggest.


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Wordfast does this by default (for words starting with a capital)

Suppose the source segment contains proper names like Zbigniew Brzeziński or Grossbliederstroff: AC will suggest those names as soon as a capital A or G is typed.

A placeable is any term or expression contained in the source segment that is defined as such. WFA provides shortcuts for inserting them into the target segment, thus both saving time and reducing the potential for typing errors.

WFA predefines as placeables:

Words beginning with, or otherwise containing, capital (upper case) letters
Words or phrases appearing in the source text that have matching items stored in the Glossary.


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I made same example like in the video. When I write first letter of the  proper nouns, plugin shows them in lower case. When I write them using  shift+first letter, plugin shows them in upper case.  Is this correct? Or It supposed to show them without using shift key?
    Thank you in advance.
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Wow, it's amazing. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering why Trados just sometimes does this automatically.
I wonder if you can upload the plugin here, as a standalone installer?
Thanks so much again.


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