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Shabbat or Shabbos (Hebrew: שַׁבָּת, shabbāt, shabbes, "rest/inactivity"), is the weekly Sabbath or day of rest in Judaism, Seventh-day Adventism, or Seventh Day Baptism, starting at sundown on Friday till sundown on Saturday., symbolizing the seventh day in Genesis, after the six days of creation. Though it is commonly said to be the Saturday of each week, it is observed from sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. The exact time therefore differs from week to week and from place to place, depending on the time of the sunset.

Shabbat is observed both by positive observances, such as three festive meals (Friday-night dinner, Saturday lunch, and a Saturday-evening meal), and restrictions. Activities forbidden on the Shabbat derive from thirty-nine basic actions (melachot, loosely translated as "work") that are derived by the Talmud from Biblical sources.

Source: wikipedia
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Ευχαριστώ :-)

Δυο λεξούλες είναι βασικά (προς το παρόν)
Η μία είναι Shabbat (dinner).
Και η άλλη Mikvah (or Mikveh).

Απάντηση για το πρώτο: :)

Shabbat: Σάμπαθ

Ελληνικές πηγές:
... με ελιά (Χριστιανισμός) Οι επισκέπτες παίρνουν τον καπνό πάνω τους όπως η γυναίκα ευλογεί το Σάμπαθ (Σάββατο Εβραίων) πάνω από τα 7 κεριά (μενόρα) ...

Το Σάββατο ή το Shabbos είναι μια ευνοϊκή ημέρα για τους Εβραίους. Το Shabbat αρχίζει στο ηλιοβασίλεμα την Παρασκευή βράδυ και τελειώνει μετά από το ηλιοβασίλεμα το Σάββατο. Συμβολίζει την έβδομη ημέρα της γένεσης.

Αγγλικοί ορισμοί:
# Shabbat or Shabbos (Hebrew: שבת, shabbāt, shabbes, "rest/inactivity"), is the weekly Sabbath or day of rest in Judaism, symbolizing the ...
# Moed ("Festivals") is the second Order of the Mishnah, the first written recording of the Oral Torah of the Jewish people (also the Tosefta and ...
# Shabbat (Hebrew: שבת) is first tractate (book) in the Order (Mishnaic section) of Moed, of the Mishnah and Talmud. ...
# The Jewish Sabbath, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, commemorating God's rest on the seventh day in the book of Genesis; The ceremonial ...
# The Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, Gd's appointed day of rest, a holy convocation
# Heb. (Sabbath) From sundown Friday evening to sundown Saturday evening.
# the weekly day of rest lasting from Friday night to Saturday night, celebrates God's creation as a day of rest that commemorates God's day of rest upon the completion of creation. It plays an important role in Jewish practice and is the subject of a large body of religious law. ...
# The Jewish Sabbath, also pronounced Shabbos, which begins at sundown on Friday night and ends on Saturday evening when you can see three stars in the sky. ...
# Sabbath, day of rest. It is observed every week from before sunset on Friday until nightfall on Saturday. ...
# "Sabbath," "rest" The weekly day of rest prescribed in the fourth commandment, observed from sunset Friday until sunset Saturday. Also, certain other defined periods during which specified work may not be performed.
# Shabbat is a day of rest. The Hebrew word Shabbat is best translated as "period of rest," and is the basis of the English words "sabbath" and "sabbatical."
# noun: the Jewish Sabbath
# Hebrew for Sabbath - starts on Friday at sunset until Saturday at sunset. It means "to cease" - a time of ceasing from labor, according to the Bible. ...
# Hebrew meaning to stop. Day of rest beginning at dusk on the sixth day and ending an hour after sunset on the seventh.
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Ευχαριστώ πολύ και για τα δύο :ο)


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