cease and desist (C&D) → σταματάω οριστικά, σταματώ οριστικά, διακόπτω οριστικά, παύω οριστικά, απέχω από το να, πάψτε και σταματήστε, άρση και παράλειψη, παύση και αναστολή, παύση και παράλειψη, οριστική διακοπή, οριστική παύση, οριστικός τερματισμός


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cease and desist → σταματώ, απέχω από το να
cease and desist order → διαταγή άρσης και παράλειψης, διαταγή παύσης και αναστολής, διαταγή παύσης και παράλειψης

To stop and not resume an action.
We are told to cease and desist or we will cease to exist.
cease and desist - Wiktionary

A cease and desist letter is a document sent to an individual or business to stop alleged illegal activity. The phrase "cease and desist" is a legal doublet, made up of two near-synonyms. The letter may warn that, if the recipient does not discontinue specified conduct, or take certain actions, by deadlines set in the letter, that party, i.e. the letter's recipient, may be sued. When issued by a public authority, a cease and desist letter, being "a warning of impending judicial enforcement", is most appropriately called a "cease and desist order".
Cease and desist - Wikipedia

Chinese Mandarin: 結束和停止, 结束和停止; Dutch: houd op en doe van afstand; Finnish: lopettaa; French: cessez et renoncez; German: hören Sie auf und verzichten Sie; Greek: πάψτε και σταματήστε; Italian: cessi e cessi; Japanese: 停止及び再発阻止; Korean: 지하고 단념하십시요; Latin: desine et desiste, desinete et desistete; Portuguese: cessar; Russian: прекратите и воздержитесь; Spanish: cese y renuncie
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