jurat → ένορκη δήλωση, ένορκη βεβαίωση, ένορκος κατάθεση, ένορκη κατάθεση, ένορκη πιστοποίηση, λεκτικό ενόρκου δηλώσεως


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jurat → ένορκη πιστοποίηση

(law) A sworn statement concerning where, when, and before whom an oath has been made.
The affidavit's jurat reads "Sworn this __ day of ________, 20__, before me" and is followed by the notary's signature. Looks like she forgot to fill it in.
(law, obsolete) A sworn person, particularly:
(law, historical) A medieval informant: a man sworn to provide information about crimes committed in his neighborhood.
(law, obsolete) A juror.
A councilman or alderman of the Cinque Ports.
A magistrate of Channel Islands, serving for life, who forms part of the islands' royal court.
Guernsey and Jersey have twelve jurats each, and Alderney six.
(historical) A municipal officer of Bordeaux and certain other French towns.
(historical, in French contexts) A member of any association sworn to do nothing against its internal rules.
jurat - Wiktionary

A jurat (short for Latin juratum (est), "it has been sworn", 3rd singular perfect passive of jurare, "to swear") is a clause at the foot of an affidavit showing when, where, and before whom the actual oath was sworn or affirmation was made.
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