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Hello everyone,

Althogh I have been following your forum for some time now, I have just become a member. Sorry for asking a question before proper introduction.

Until recently I had used Trados 2007 and "translate to fuzzy" a lot to create a translation memory from previous translations. But I didn't use the internet to look up words as much as I did for trados errors. Now I want to learn Studio 2009, discovered "Confirm and move to next unconfirmed" recently but it just doesn't work like "translate to fuzzy" or I don't know right settings.

Here is my question: Source segment: "15.5.8 lkajnvavav asvavs 23."
                             Target segment: "15.5.8 lkajnvavav asvavs."

"lkajnvavav asvavs" is already in my translation memory after alignment and importing. But why doesn't Studio paste "23" automatically? Trados 2007 did. I can't benefit from alignment properly

Secondly, how can I be sure of the same formatting in the target segment. Does Studio recognize and insert the same formating without my help? for example the space before number 23?

Isn't Copy/paste time wasting for a simple placeable? Can you kindly enlighten me? Despite the errors, I feel more confortable with Workbench.

Thanks a lot.
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