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Title: authority to consolidate
Post by: Kristina Dap on 24 Oct, 2021, 19:58:05
Authority to consolidate
Title: Authority to consolidate
Post by: spiros on 24 Oct, 2021, 20:03:11
δικαίωμα σώρευσης, εξουσία συγχώνευσης, δικαίωμα συγχώνευσης;

Any and all reports required to be submitted to the appropriate congressional committees under this subtitle  or an amendment made by this subtitle that are subject to a deadline for submission consisting of the same unit of time may be consolidated into a single report that is submitted pursuant to that deadline.
22 U.S. Code § 9269a -  Authority to consolidate reports | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (