fever of unknown origin (FUO) → πυρετός άγνωστης προέλευσης (ΠΑΠ), πυρετός άγνωστης αιτιολογίας (ΠΑΑ), πυρετός αγνώστου αιτιολογίας (ΠΑΑ), πυρετός αγνώστου προελεύσεως (ΠΑΠ)

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fever of unknown origin (FUO) → πυρετός άγνωστης αιτιολογίας, πυρετός άγνωστης προέλευσης
Fever of unknown origin (FUO), pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO) or febris e causa ignota (febris E.C.I.) refers to a condition in which the patient has an elevated temperature but despite investigations by a physician no explanation has been found…If the cause is found it usually is a diagnosis of exclusion, that is, by eliminating all possibilities until only one explanation remains, and taking this as the correct one.
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