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pneumomediastinumπνευμομεσοθωράκιο, πνευμομεσοπνευμόνιο, πνευμομεσαύλιο, πνευμονομεσαύλιο, μεσοθωρακικό εμφύσημα

Pneumomediastinum (from Greek pneuma – "air", also known as mediastinal emphysema) is pneumatosis (abnormal presence of air or other gas) in the mediastinum. First described in 1819 by René Laennec, the condition can result from physical trauma or other situations that lead to air escaping from the lungs, airways, or bowel into the chest cavity.
Pneumomediastinum - Wikipedia

What is pneumomediastinum?
Pneumomediastinum, also known as mediastinal emphysema, is a condition in which air is present in the mediastinum (the space in the chest between the two lungs). This can be caused by a traumatic injury or in association with pneumothorax or other diseases.
Pneumomediastinum | Johns Hopkins Medicine

ar: استرواح المنصف; de: Mediastinalemphysem; en: pneumomediastinum; es: neumomediastino; he: פנאומומדיאסטינום; it: pneumomediastino; kk: пневмомедиастинум; pt: pneumomediastino; sv: mediastinalemfysem
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