neutralising antibody (NAb) → εξουδετερωτικό αντίσωμα, ουδετεροποιητικό αντίσωμα, ουδετεροποιό αντίσωμα, αντίσωμα εξουδετέρωσης


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neutralizing antibody (NAb) → εξουδετερωτικό αντίσωμα, ουδετεροποιητικό αντίσωμα, ουδετεροποιό αντίσωμα
neutralising antibody (NAb)

ουδετεροποιητικά αντισώματα
εξουδετερωτικά αντισώματα

A neutralizing antibody (NAb) is an antibody that defends a cell from a pathogen or infectious particle by neutralizing any effect it has biologically. Neutralization renders the particle no longer infectious or pathogenic. Neutralizing antibodies are part of the humoral response of the adaptive immune system against viruses, intracellular bacteria and microbial toxin. By binding specifically to surface structures (antigen) on an infectious particle, neutralizing antibodies prevent the particle from interacting with its host cells it might infect and destroy. Immunity due to neutralizing antibodies is also known as sterilizing immunity, as the immune system eliminates the infectious particle before any infection takes place.
Neutralizing antibody - Wikipedia

ar: جسم مضاد معدل; ca: anticòs neutralitzant; da: neutraliserende antistof; de: neutralisierender Antikörper; en: neutralizing antibody; es: anticuerpo neutralizante; fr: anticorps neutralisant; gl: anticorpo neutralizante; it: anticorpo neutralizzante; ja: 中和抗体; ko: 중화 항체; pt: anticorpo neutralizante; th: แอนติบอดีลบล้างฤทธิ์; zh: 中和抗体


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