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Title: Sonnet 117 (William Shakespeare) | Σονέτο 117 (Ουίλλιαμ Σαίξπηρ) [Accuse me thus: that I have scanted all: Να, τούτα κατηγόρα μου: παράλειψη μου]
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Sonnet 117 (William Shakespeare) | Σονέτο 117 (Ουίλλιαμ Σαίξπηρ) [Accuse me thus: that I have scanted all: Να, τούτα κατηγόρα μου: παράλειψη μου]

Accuse me thus: that I have scanted all,
Wherein I should your great deserts repay,
Forgot upon your dearest love to call,
Whereto all bonds do tie me day by day;
That I have frequent been with unknown minds,
And given to time your own dear-purchased right;
That I have hoisted sail to all the winds
Which should transport me farthest from your sight.
Book both my wilfulness and errors down,
And on just proof surmise accumulate;
Bring me within the level of your frown,
But shoot not at me in your wakened hate;
Since my appeal says I did strive to prove
The constancy and virtue of your love.

Να, τούτα κατηγόρα μου: παράλειψή μου
στις τόσες χάρες σου μια αντίχαρη να κάνω,
αμέλεια να ρωτώ για την πολυακριβή μου
αγάπη σου, που όλο με δένει παραπάνω,
πως σύχνασα με πνεύματα άγνωστα, αδικώντας
τ’ ακριβοαγορασμένο δίκιο σου, πως μ’ όλους
τους ανέμους αρμένισα μακριά τραβώντας
ώσπου να μη με βλέπεις, πλάνες μου, τριβόλους,
και να καταχωρίσεις όλα, να μου ρίξεις
κι άλλα που ορθά μαντεύεις, να με φέρεις ίσα
στου θυμού σου τη σκόπευση, αλλά μην τραβήξεις
τη στιγμή που ξυπνάει της έχθρας σου η λύσσα,
τι απολογιέμαι: όλα αυτά ήταν δοκιμή
για της αγάπης σου την πίστη και τιμή.

Μετάφραση: Βασίλης Ρώτας

On a superficial level this sonnet commences a sequence which defends the poet against the charge of unfaithfulness and disloyalty, an accusation which harks back to sonnets 109 - 113, which have already dealt with the themes of betrayal and separation. But on a wider level one must look back also to those groups of sonnets which reflect on the youth's own lack of truth, and detail the poet's tortured reactions to his faithlessness. Sonnets 33-6 deal with the topics of separation and disloyalty, 40-42 with that of betrayal by the youth, 66-70 with worthlessness and inward corruption, 87-98 with merits and demerits, abandonment and separation, and 105 deals with constancy. All these themes are recalled in this poem, and the verbal and ideational links to other sonnets are especially rich. It is perhaps no accident that sonnet 87

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