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Hi everybody!
I am using the multiterm in order to create a termbase and I do not know how to paste. I thought that you can paste into multiterm with ctrl +C but it is not working.
What do I do wrong?

Thanks in advance


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You've got your shortcuts mixed, I fear. Try Ctrl + V.
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Indeed, our friend Diceman is always right. Do you have a QWERTY keyboard? Just curious :-)

"The name "QWERTY" for our computer keyboard comes from the first six letters in the top alphabet row (the one just below the numbers). It is also referred to as the "Universal" keyboard. It was the work of inventor C. L. Sholes, who put together the prototypes of the first commercial typewriter in a Milwaukee machine shop back in the 1860's."

Ctrl+Z (undo), Ctrl+X (cut), Ctrl+C (copy), and Ctrl+V (paste)
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