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public schoolιδιωτικό σχολείο-οικοτροφείο, δημόσιο σχολείο

Public school (United Kingdom), certain elite fee-charging independent schools in England and Wales
State school (known as a "public school" in some countries), a no-fee school, funded and operated by the government
Public university, in some countries, e.g. the United States, any university operated by the government as opposed to a privately owned organization
Public school (India), a group of historically elite fee-charging privately owned and managed schools in India
Great Public Schools of New South Wales (Australia), independent non-government fee-charging (mainly boys') elite schools in New South Wales, Australia originally established on the basis of Christian denominations
Associated Public Schools of Victoria (Australia), a group of eleven elite schools in Victoria, Australia
Public Schools Association, Perth (Australia), a group of seven independent boys' schools in Perth, Western Australia
Public school - Wikipedia

public school (plural public schools)

(UK, Ireland, India) Certain private schools, particularly (initially) any grammar school operated apart from the personal lands of its students or (from the 19th century) the feepaying secondary schools which developed from or were modelled upon them; a British boarding school
(obsolete) A college or university
(Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, formerly Scottish) A publicly funded and administered school; (UK, Ireland) such schools in the context of other countries
public school - Wiktionary
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