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Title: πόνος (Revelation 21:4)
Post by: sojourner on 15 Sep, 2009, 20:20:27

I've been looking at the New Testament verse Revelation 21:4, particularly at word "πόνος".
It is most frequently translated as 'pain', but not sure what resources there are that discusses the technical use and meaning of the word. Not all Bible translations use the word 'pain'.

What I would like to know is, it appears that the context of the verse, in which it is used, is not suggesting all types of pain, but that of the kind of severe physical pain and severe emotional distress. In other words, it seems that it is implying that in the kingdom of Heaven there will still be insignificant pains, such as stubbing your toe.

Is this a valid interpretation? I'm not looking for it to be true or false, just is it valid.

What resources besides this forum would help me with technical evaluations such as this?
Would/Are there ancient Greek professionals that are for hire? ... that are skilled in the grammar as well as the vocabulary?

Thank you.
Title: Re: πόνος (Revelation 21:4)
Post by: marabu on 01 Oct, 2009, 13:19:19
In this particular verse, πόνος clearly means physical and emotional pain, suffer. Nothing complicated behind the word.

The same word in greek may mean laborious work/ effort. Πόνημα is the result of this πόνος.