Typhoons trigger slow earthquakes (BBC News)


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Typhoons trigger slow earthquakes

By Victoria Gill
Science reporter, BBC News

The team drilled over 200m to install the strainmeter

Typhoons can trigger imperceptible, slow earthquakes, researchers say.

Scientists report in the journal Nature that, in a seismically active zone in Taiwan, pressure changes caused by typhoons "unclamp" the fault.

This gentle release causes an earthquake that dissipates its energy over several hours rather than a few potentially devastating seconds.

The researchers believe this could explain why there are relatively few large earthquakes in this region.

Alan Linde from the Carnegie Institution for Science in the US and colleagues monitored movement of two colliding tectonic plates in eastern Taiwan.

They used three borehole "strainmeters" - highly sensitive instruments deep below the ground.

"These detect otherwise imperceptible movements and distortions of rock," explained co-author Selwyn Sacks, also from the Carnegie Institution.


Full article at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8094083.stm
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