67 new worksheet functions for Excel with Morefunc for Excel

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67 new worksheet functions for Excel

Morefunc is a freeware library of 67 new worksheet functions for Excel, created and developped by Laurent Longre. The functions are compatible with Excel 95 to 2007, and they can’t be used with other spreadsheets. This add-in is written in C++ and compiled in an XLL file (like the Analysis Toolpack). Available in French and English. Automated setup and detailed help file are provided.

Some of the functions included (to get an idea):

Information functions: EVAL Evaluates a formula or expression ;FORMULATEXT Returns the formula of a cell ;PAGENUM Page number of a cell

Math functions: CHBASE Converts a value from a base into another base ;GEOMEAN.EXT Same as GEOMEAN, higher capacity ;HEX.AND Bitwise AND between hexadecimal numbers ;HEX.FORMAT Formats and checks the validity of an hexadecimal number ;MRAND Series of random integers without repetitions

Statistical functions: COUNTDIFF Number of unique values in a range or array ;STDEV.GROUPED Standard deviation based on a sample (data grouped in classes) ;VARP.GROUPED Variance based on the entire population (grouped data) ;

Text functions: ANSI128 Strips the accents from a string ;MCONCAT Concatenates all values in a range or an array ;REGEX.COMP Returns TRUE if a text matches a regular expression ;REGEX.COUNT Counts the matches of a regular expression in a string ;REGEX.MID Returns a substring matching a regular expression

Sorting: UNIQUEVALUES Returns the unique items of a range or an array ;VSORT Sorts a range or an array (supports up to 14 sort keys) - horizontal

Miscellaneous functions: ARRAY.FILTER Returns only the visible cells of a range (in an array) ;ARRAY.JOIN Joins various items (ranges, unions, strings, numbers…) in a single array ;GETV Returns a temporary variable value stored by SETVAR ;INTVECTOR Returns a vector of consecutive integers in the ascending order…

    * Screenshots and Downloads of Morefunc for Excel

Source: thefreewindows.com
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