How to create a file in two columns and then import to translation memory

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I will be dictating  a translation to a transcriptionist who is not familiarized with CAT Tools. I need to create an RTF file so she types the translation in the right column of the RTF file and then clean the RTF file to create a memory and then import the memory to SDLX or Trados.
Could you please remind me which is the tool I need for this process ? or if you have any inputs to work in this way?

One way to do that is import the file in DVX and then use the External View feature which creates a two-column layout. Translator works on right column and then it is reimported and the TM populated.

If you want to do it with Trados then she could translate the text, then you align it using WinAlign (part of Trados) and feed it to the TM.


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Thank you very much for your quick and valuable help.
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