Anaphraseus (Wordfast like macro) for Open Office


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Anaphraseus is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool, 2 macro set similar to famous Wordfast. Works with Wordfast Translation Memory format (*.TXT). Supports text segmentation. Features: Term Recognition. Fuzzy Search. Unicode support.

Είναι βέβαια ακόμα σε έκδοση Beta.
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Welcome to the newcomer. A reliable and dependable open-source tool is missing. It would be nice if this could fill the gap. If anyone tests it, do let us now :)

Its main features:

—Text Segmentation
—Terminology Recognition
—Inexact (Fuzzy) search in Translation Memory
—Unicode UTF16 TMX Export/Import
—Plain text and Unicode UTF16 TM, Glossary
—User Glossary
— Extension
—Ready for localisation in any language
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We tried Anaphraseus on a test project and it worked as advertised. However, we found the feature set very limited, especially as far as file format support is concerned. The program can be an acceptable choice for translators who work with Word files or other file formats that can be properly opened and saved by OpenOffice Writer. However, there does not seem to be any support for tagged formats (XML, MIF, HTML, etc.), not even if the tagged files are preformatted with an external tool such as Raibow, S-Tagger or the Trados macros. This makes Anaphraseus much less palatable to agencies or translators who need a slightly more complex workflow than just translating plain RTF or Word files. Hopefully this will change in future versions.


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Anaphraseus (CAT tool)

Anaphraseus is an macro set available as an extension or a standalone document.
It is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool for creating, managing and using bilingual Translation Memories in any languages.
Originally, Anaphraseus was developed to work with the Wordfast Translation Memory format, but it can also export/import files in the Unicode UTF-16 Translation Memory Exchange (TMX) format.
Its main features:

    * Text Segmentation
    * Terminology Recognition
    * Inexact (Fuzzy) search in Translation Memory
    * Unicode UTF16 TMX Export/Import
    * Plain text and Unicode UTF16 TM, Glossary
    * User Glossary
    * Extension
    * Ready for localisation in any language




Download latest stable version:
Please note that Anaphraseus is in "beta" stage. It is available as an extension or a standalone document with macros.
The latest version is downloadable here:

System Requirements:
Anaphraseus is an macro set, so it needs to run. Anaphraseus is successfully tested on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X and Windows.

Here is the sourceforge main project page for Anaphraseus -

For support or to contact Anaphraseus for any reason please visit the forums located here:
Anaphraseus Forums

Anaphraseus is licensed under the GNU General Public License. See the following website for the full license and more information on open-source and free software.

Anaphraseus is hosted by SOURCEFORGE, a great provider of services and support for open source projects!


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* User glossary can use Unicode now
* Fixed problem with Unicode characters above U+8000
* Added "Translate Until 100% match" menu item
* Fixed Anaphraseus' behavior in texttables:
 * fixed shrink/expand segment functions
 * fixed Translate Selected ...


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