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Title: secundocerius -> second-in-command, under-secretary?
Post by: spiros on 11 Feb, 2021, 10:21:49
σεκουνδοκέριος - Ancient Greek (LSJ) (
Title: secundocerius -> second-in-command?
Post by: billberg23 on 11 Feb, 2021, 14:31:18
No hits in TLG for σεκουνδοκέριος, but six for σεκουνδοκήριος, evidently a church official at the Synod of Constantinople and Jerusalem in the sixth century.  The instances all involve someone named Mēnas, who is described as "a most God-fearing reader and notary σεκουνδοκήριος of the Roman priesthood" (ὁ θεοσεβέστατος ἀναγνώστης καὶ νοτάριος σεκουνδοκήριος τῆς πρεσβύτιδος Ῥώμης). Here σεκουνδοκήριος appears to be a transliteration of a Latin word meaning (lit.) "of the second wax" i.e. "of the second wax tablet," i.e. "sub-scribe" or "under-secretary." Cf. primicerius in primicerius -> πριμικήριος (
Concilia Oecumenica (ACO), Synodus Constantinopolitana et Hierosolymitana anno 536
Tome 3, page 152.