I am looking for such and such a specialized glossary (from/into Greek)

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I am looking for such and such a specialized glossary (from/into Greek)

This is one of the most common questions on the forum. Specialized online English - Greek dictionaries / glossaries are few and far between. It is even harder for more unusual language pairs (i.e. Greek to Danish) or unusual subject-matter (i.e. tannery terminology from Greek to French). For dictionaries in book format you can try searching the Translator resources board, or failing that, an online bookshop or directory like biblionet.

Your best bet is using translatum’s Magic search, accessible via the Translatum tools tab on the left or from the site home page. Among many others it searches IATE, which contains about 500,000 entries for English-Greek and you can find terms for all European Community languages. So, it is very likely to cater for at least some of your specialized vocabulary needs.

Also, if you cannot find any bilingual entries anywhere, you should check in monolingual dictionaries (i.e. English monolingual). Again, you can use the Onelook.com search from Translatum Tools tab.

When dealing with terminology, especially cutting-edge terminology, it is highly unlikely that we will find it in a glossary or dictionary; let alone a print dictionary. Thus, the day-to-day life of the translator entails searching the Internet in order to find these terms in bilingual sites or in other documents which may have clues about the translation (tip: try using the Google En-Gr terms search from the Translatum tools tab. The first of the options searches in EU translated texts, you can find a lot of terminology there).

When one fails to find a satisfactory translation in any of these resources, or wants to verify the validity of the term, then the last remaining option is posting it as a terminology question on the forum where colleagues can assist in the process of finding the right term.

Some major English - Modern Greek resources

Magenta's English-Greek-English dictionary Ideal for English Speakers  (CD-ROM) [highly recommended]
— Magenta's English-Greek & Greek-English Golden Version (CD-ROM)
Αγγλοελληνικό Λεξικό Penguin-Hellenews (κυκλοφόρησε κάποτε ως G-Word ηλεκτρονικά, ασύμβατο πλέον με νεότερα Windows).

Magicsearch (multi dictionary search engine for thousands of language pairs, English<>Greek included)
English Greek dictionary WordReference.com (searchable in multi-dictionary search via magicsearch)
Triantafyllidis Greek monolingual
LSJ.gr (Modern/Ancient Greek-Latin to/from multiple languages)

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