inclusionism → συμπεριληψισμός, αντιδιαγραφισμός


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inclusionism → συμπεριληψισμός, αντιδιαγραφισμός
See also: deletionism → διαγραφισμός

Deletionism and inclusionism are opposing philosophies held by editors of the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, regarding the criteria for including or deleting content.

On Wikipedia, deletionists generally argue for the deletion of articles that they allege are short and poorly written,[2] unreferenced or referenced only by Web-based sources and blogs, that they claim fail the community standards of notability,[3][4] or that they say exclusively contain trivia or popular culture references, as well as of other types of articles deemed unencyclopedic.

Inclusionists call for retaining more content, for higher tolerance of "stub" articles, and for an acceptance of notable blogs and other Web-based sources.[3][5] They also argue for fairness and good judgement in the deletion process.


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