juvenile gigantomastia → νεανική γιγαντομαστία


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virginal breast hypertrophy → παρθενική υπερτροφία στήθους
juvenile macromastia → νεανική μεγαλομαστία
juvenile gigantomastia → νεανική γιγαντομαστία
gigantomasty → γιγαντομαστία
macromastia → μεγαλομαστία
breast hypertrophy → υπερτροφία στήθους

When gigantomastia occurs in young women during puberty, the medical condition is known as juvenile macromastia or juvenile gigantomastia and sometimes as virginal breast hypertrophy or virginal mammary hypertrophy. Along with the excessive breast size, other symptoms include red, itchy lesions and pain in the breasts. A diagnosis is made when an adolescent's breasts grow rapidly and achieve great weight, usually soon after her first menstrual period. Some doctors suggest that the rapid breast development occurs before the onset of menstruation.
Breast hypertrophy - Wikipedia


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