Editing, Importing, Exporting Trados files and memories in Deja Vu

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As I tend to use Deja Vu more often than Trados I had to make sure somehow that Trados files can be properly imported to DVX. Following Atril's instructions did not get me very far as translation units with <}0{> Trados codes (No Match) were not imported. Luckily, I did find a site which shed light to this any many other Trados-DVX compatibility problems I have been encountering....

Editing Trados files in Déjà Vu

To edit Trados files in Deja Vu it is necessary to change Trados' codes ( <}0{> ). When importing your file into Deja Vu, 

    — 0 means "No Match" – Target text will not be imported into Deja Vu.
    — 1-99 means "Fuzzy Match" — Target text will be imported into Deja Vu as Magenta
    — 100 means "Full Match" — Target text will be imported into Deja Vu  as Green

      I recommend to replace 0 codes with something >0. I generally replace them with 1.

Once this is done, create a Trados project, import files, and work normally. Export finished edited file normally. Sometimes there are some formatting problems in the target language — check the final document carefully.
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