Export Passolo to SDL Studio or CAT tool - Pretranslate in Passolo using glossary

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Export Passolo to SDL Studio or CAT tool

Method 1
Macros to convert passolo tbulic to tmx, xliff, ttx (SDL Studio) (could be buggy in the import/export process)

Method 2
1. Open all Passolo strings by selecting them (click in Translation Bundle area and press Ctrl+A) and pressing Enter.
2. Press Ctrl+A again and then Ctrl+C.
3. Paste (Ctrl+V) in Excel and leave only the source/target columns (in case there are fuzzy or full matches already).
4. Save as a new file, sort on target column in case there are translations, delete rows with translations, and leave only the source column.
5. Translate in your  CAT tool and then cleanup/Export as target language file. Paste the translations to the second column in the Excel file.
6. Open Notepad++ and paste the two columns. Add in the header cells the Passolo language ids for each language (see table below for example). Save as UTF-16LE file with Signature.
7. Change file extension (F2) to .glo
8. Add the new file as project glossary in Passolo (Tools > Glossaries > Add > Project Glossaries).
9. Once the file is added, close the dialog, select all strings, and press F8 (or right click > Pretranslate string).

Passolo pretranslate using glossary

Click Tools tab >  Glossaries to check the current settings.
Click Add and add the sample MFC.glo glossary located by default in the Passolo 2016 folder.
Click Close to return to the your project.
Click File > Options and select the Translation Helpers > Pre-Translation page.
In the list of providers, make sure that Common Glossaries/MFC.glo is selected.
Click OK to close the Options dialog.
In the project window, open a translation list by double-clicking on it.
Mark the texts that you wish to translate automatically (Ctrl-A marks all texts).
Click Home tab > Pre-Translate String
SDL Passolo now searches for the marked strings and enters the found strings directly.

The glossary format is in two columns (source - target) and the header row needs the Passolo language id (both primary and secondary). For example, English US to Greek would be

9 18 0
English textελληνικό κείμενο
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