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usucaption → χρησικτησία

Usucaption (Latin usucapio), also known as acquisitive prescription, is a concept found in civil law systems and has its origin in the Roman law of property.

Usucaption is a method by which ownership of property (i.e. title to the property) can be gained by possession of it beyond the lapse of a certain period of time (acquiescence). While usucaption has been compared with adverse possession (that is, squatting), the true effect of usucaption is to remedy defects in title.
Usucaption - Wikipedia

ca: usucapió; cs: vydržení; da: hævd; de: Ersitzung; en: usucaption; es: usucapión; fr: prescription acquisitive; hr: dosjelost; it: usucapione; ja: 使用取得; ko: 사용취득; no: hevd; oc: prescripcion aquisitiva; pl: zasiedzenie; pt: usucapião; ru: приобретательная давность; sk: usucapio; sv: hävd; uk: набувальна давність


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