Metropolitan Police Initialisms glossary

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Metropolitan Police Initialisms glossary

InitialismFull Term
(B) OCUBorough & Operational Control Unit
4CsConsult, Compare, Challenge & Complete
A & EAccident & Emergency
AABCAction Against Business Crime 2008
AAIBAir Accident Investigation Branch
ABAAcceptable Behaviour Agreement
ABCAgreed Behaviour Contract
ABCDEAppearance Behaviour Communication Capacity Danger & Environmental Circumstances
ABDAcute Behaviour Disturbance
ABDAcute Behavioural Disorder
ABEAchieving Best Evidence
ABHActual Bodily Harm
ABIAssociation of British Insurers
ACAssistant Commissioner
ACASAdvisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACCAnti-Corruption Command
ACDAutomated Camera Detected
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACEAsset Confiscation Enforcement
ACGAutomatic Call Distribution
ACPAssistance Commissioner Professionalism
ACPCArea Child Protection Committee
ACPITAssistant Commissioner Public Inquiry Team
ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers (of England, Wales & N Ireland)
ACPOSAssociation of Chief Police Officers in Scotland
ACSC & OAssistant Commissioner Specialist Crime & Operations
ACSOAssistant Commissioner Specialist Operations
ACTPAssistant Commissioner Territorial Policing
ADCAdditional Duties Commitment
ADCSAssociation of Directors of Childrens Services
ADMSAlarm Data Management System
ADRAnnual Data Requirement
ADSAccreditation Documentation Set
AEDAutomated External Defibrillators
AEPAttenuated Energy Projectile
AEXPLOAssistant Explosives Officer
AFIAreas for Improvement
AFIAuthorised Firearms Inspector
AFOAuthorised Firearms Officer
AFPSArmed Forces Pension Scheme
AFRAutomatic Fingerprint Recognition
AFTAlternative Fitness Test
AFTCAlternative Fitness Test Cycle
AFTTAlternative Fitness Test Treadmill
AGSAnnual Governance Statement
AHEADEnfield & Haringey Drug Treatment for Young People
AHORSETRAssistant Horse Trainer
AIAccident Investigator
AIOAssistant Information Officer
AIUAccident Investigation Unit
AJFAdverse Judicial Findings
ALAnnual Leave
ALGAssociation of London Governments
ALIBAssistant Librarian
ALIBRARNAssistant Librarian
ALOAmbulance Liaison Officer
AMGAsian Media Group
AMIApparent Mental Illness
AMITArea Major Incident Team
AMLAnti Money Laundering
AMPHApproved Mental Health Professional
AMSApplications Maintenance and Support
AMSApplications Management Services
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Recognition
AOABHAssault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm
AORArmed Operations Record
APAAdvertising & Producers Association
APAAssociation of Police Authorities
APACSAssessment of Policing and Community Safety
AP-APPArmed Policing - Authorised Professional Practice
APEAll Points East Festival
APLSAutomatic Personnel Location Systems
APPAccredited Professional Practice
APRGArmed Robbery Reference Group
APSActing Police Service
APSPAbuse of Power for Sexual Purpose
APVAdolescent Parent Violence
APVAAdolescent of Parent Violence or Abuse
AR HELMETAnti-Riot Helmet
ARAnnual Report
ARAAssets Recovery Agency
ARCAlarm Receiving Centres
ARCAssessment and Recognition of Competence
ARCCAeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre
ARLAuthority Revocation List
ARLSAutomatic Resource Location Systems
ARMSActive Risk Management System
ARMSActuarial Risk Management System
ArqivaCurrent Radio Service Supplier
ARVArmed Response Vehicle
ASAll Stations
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASBAnti Social Behaviour
ASBAPAnti Social Behaviour Action Panel
ASBOsAnti Social Behaviour Orders
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASHEAnnual Survey of Hours and Earnings
ASOAssistant Scientific Officer
ASPApplications System Provider
ASTsArrest Support Teams
ASUAir Support Unit
ASWApproved Social Worker
ATOCAssociation of Train Operating Companies
ATPUAnti-Terror Police Unit
ATSAutomatic Traffic Signals
ATWAccess to Work
ATWMArea Traffic Warden Manager
AVCAdditional Voluntary Contributions
AVLAutomatic Vehicle Location
AVLSAutomatic Vehicle Location Systems
AVSAddress Verification Service
AWAREA Windows Application in a Resilient Environment
AWTAffordable Workforce Targets
BARKBrent Action for Responsible K9s
BASBusiness Access Services
BASSBail Accommodation Support Scheme
BAUBusiness as Usual
BBMBlackberry Messaging
BBPBorough Based Policing
BCCBlock Check Character
BCCBrigade Coordination Centre
BCDRBusiness Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan
BCHBusiness Crime Hub
BCMUsBorough Crime Management Units
BCPBorough Crown Prosecutor
BCRBorough Control Room
BCRPBusiness Crime Reduction Partnership
BCSBritish Crime Survey
BCTGBorough Co-ordination & Tasking Group
BCTGBorough Crime Tasking Group
BCUBorough Command Unit
BDCBusiness Development Co-ordinator
BDDBorough Designated Despatch
BDOBusiness Development Office
BDSBoycott, Divestment and Sanctions
BECCBorough Emergency Control Centre
BEEPBuilding Energy Efficiency Programme
BEHBarnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust
BESTBehaviour Education & Support Teams
BFBring Forward
BFMBorough Forensic Manager
BGSUBorough Group Support Unit
BHSBritish Horse Society
BIABusiness Impact Assessment
BIAGBlack Independent Advisory Group
BIDSBusiness Improvement Districts
BISBumblebee Imaging System
BISBusiness Innovation Skills
BIUBorough Intelligence Unit
BIUBusiness Intelligence Unit
BLOBorough Liaison Officer
BMEBlack or Minority Ethnicity
BNPBulgarian National Police
BOBBBehave Or Be Banned
BOCCBorough Olympic Command Centre
BOCUBorough Operational Command Unit
BOSBorough Operations Supervisor
BOTJBringing Offenders to Justice
BPABlack Police Association
BPRBuckingham Palace Road (Central Garage)
BREEAMBuilding Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method
BSIABritish Security Industry Association
BSMIBorough Support Management Information
BSPBorough Support Pool
BSUBorough Support Unit
BTBritish Telecom
BTAUBusiness & Technical Assurance Unit
BTPBritish Transport Police
BTRBail to Return
BVPIBest Value Performance Indicator
BVR (T)Best Value Review of Training
BVRBest Value Review
BVRIBest Value Review Indicators
BVRLABritish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association
BWCOBorough Wildlife Crime Officers
BWTBorough Workforce Targets
BWTBudgeted Workforce Targets
BWVBody Worn Video
C & CCommand & Control
C & D ActCrime & Disorder Act
C & DCommand & Dispatch
C & DControl & Direction
C & WCable & Wireless
C/ARBCollision /Accident Report Book
C/RCommand / Response
C3iCommand, Control, Communication and Information Project
CACertificate Authority
CAConfidentiality Agreement
CACustody Assistant
CAACampaign Against Anti - Semitism
CAAComprehensive Area Assessment
CAADACo-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse
CACCentral Ambulance Control
CADCommunities Against Drugs
CADComputer Aided Despatch
CADMISComputer Aided Dispatch Management Information Systems
CADREAdvanced Public Order Trained Officers
CAFMCorporate Assets Facilities Management
CAGCommunication Advisory Group
CAITSChild Abuse Investigation Teams
CAIUCivil Actions Investigation Unit
CALTCentre of Applied Learning Technologies
CAMHSChild & Adolescent Mental Heath Service
CAMHSChild And Mental Health Service
CARECareer Average Revalued Earnings
CARMComputer Aided Resource Manager
CARMSComputer Aided Resource Management System
CARPOCommunication And Press Relations Officer
CASOChild Abuse and Sexual Offences Command
CASTCentre for Applied Science and Technology
CATCommunity Action Teams
CAWNsChild Abduction Warning Notices
CBDDCentralised Borough Designated Despatch
CBOsCriminal Behaviour Orders
CBRNChemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear
CBRNEChemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Incidents
CBSSCollege Based Sandwich Student
CBTCognitive Behaviour Therapy
CCBCentral Casualty Bureau
CCCCentral Casualty Bureau
CCCCentral Communications Command
CCCCCrown Court Case Clerk
CCCPTMGCommunity Cohesion Contingency Planning and Tension Monitoring Group
CCCsCommunity Consultation Coordinators
CCEChild Criminal Exploitation
CCGClinical Commissioning Group
CCICommunications Control Interface
CCITTInternational Telephony/Telegraphy Consultative Committee
CCMACall Centre Managers Association
CCNContract Change Number
CCOCivilian Communication Officers
CCoACIPFA Common Chart of Accounts
CCPCamera Control Protocol
CCRCCriminal Cases Review Commission
CCRUCultural & Communities Resource Unit
CCSCrime Control Strategy
CCSCrown Commercial Services
CCTACentral Computer & Telecommunications Agency
CCTVClose Circuit Television
CCUCyber Crime Unit
CDAControlled Drinking Zone Area
CDATCommunications Data Analysis Tool
CDGCorporate Development Group
CDICommon Data Interface
CDLOControlled Drug Liaison Officers
CDOCustody Detention Officers
CDOUCentral Driver Offences Unit
CDRPCrime & Disorder Reduction Plan
CDRPsCrime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships
CDSComplaints & Discipline System
CDSCorporate Demand Strategy
CDWCorporate Data Warehouse
CEDConductive Energy Devices
CENTREXCentral Police Training and Development Agency
CEOCommunications & Electronics Officer
CEOCommunications Enquiry Office
CEOPChild Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
CERT-UKComputer Emergency Response Team – United Kingdom
CESGCommunications Electronic Security Group
CEVCash Equivalent Value
CFCarried Forward
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFoICampaign for Freedom of Information
CFO-MOPACChief Financial Officer-Mayors Office of Policing & Crime
CFO-MPSChief Financial Officer-Metropolitan Police Service
CGConsultancy Group
Ch InspChief Inspector
Ch SuptChief Superintendent
CHICorporate Health Indicator
CHISCovert Human Intelligence Sources
CHSCall Handling Service
CHSPRCity and Hackney Safeguarding Practice Review
CIChief Inspector
CIACommunity Impact Assessment
CIAConfidentiality, Integrity and Availability
CIBComplaints Investigations Bureau
CIBSEChartered Institute of Building Services Engines
CICCommunity Interest Company
CICACriminal Injuries Compensation Authority
CIDCriminal Investigation Department
CIDAConcerned Inter-agency Drugs Action group
CIESComprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement
CIIUCentral Image Investigation Unit
CIOChief Information Officer
CIPFAChartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
CIPPCrime Investigation Priority Project
CIPTCollision Investigation and Prosecutions Team
CISConsultancy and Information Service
CISDCritical Incident Stress Debriefing
CISOsChief Information Security Officers
CITCrisis Intervention Teams
CIUCasualty Information Unit
CIUCollision Investigation Unit
CJCriminal Justice
CJACriminal Justice Act
CJOCriminal Justice Office
CJOMSCriminal Justice Offenders Management System
CJPUCriminal Justice Protection Unit
CJSCriminal Justice System
CJSGCriminal Justice Strategy Group
CJSSSCriminal Justice Simple Speedy Summary
CJUCrime Justice Unit
CJXCriminal Justice Extract
CJXCriminal Justice Extranet
CKPCertificate in Knowledge of Policing
CLACopyright Licensing Agency
CLASCSEG Listed Advisory Scheme
CLICalling Line Identity
CLIOCentral Logging of Intelligence Operations
CLOCommunity Liaison Officer
CLOCourt Liaison Officer
CLPCommissioner's Leadership Programme
CLPDCommon Law Police Disclosure
CLPsCasualty Landing Points
CMConduct Matter
CMConfiguration Management
CMBVRCrime Management Best Value Review
CMCCentral Mobilisation Centre
CMGCommunity Monitoring Group
CMIBContinuous Mortality Investigation Board
CMISChannel Management Information System
CMNCommunity Monitoring Network
CMOChief Medical Officer
CMRUCareer Management & Retention Unit
CMSCrime Management System
CMUCrime Management Unit
CNCCivil Nuclear Constabulary
CNNClaim Control Note
CNPsCustody Nurse Practitioners
CNsCriminal Networks
COCentral Operations
COCommissioner’s Office
COCommunications Officer
CO11Public Order OCU, Operations & Planning
COBRCabinet Office Briefing Room
COFPConditional Offer Fixed Penalty
COGChief Officer Group
COLPCity of London Police
COMAHControl of Major Accident Hazards
COMETSCommissioner’s Office METS (Civil Staff Sports & Social Association)
CONPHYSConsulting Physician
COPCode of Practice
COPCollege of Policing
COPConference of the Parties
COPCourt of Protection
COPACase Overview and Preparation Application
COPDChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CORINCorrespondence on the Intranet
CorOCoroner’s Officer
CoronerCoroner’s Officer
COSHHControl of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations
COTSCommercial off the Shelf
CPCertification Practice Statement
CPContingency Plan
CPAChristian Police Association
CPACritical Performance Area
CPAUCorporate Performance Analysis Unit
CPBWCommunity Penalty Breach Warrant
CPCGCrime Prevention Consultative Group
CPDContinuous Professional Development
CPDACrime Prevention Design Adviser
CPEGCommunity and Police Engagement Groups
CPIACriminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996
CPICContinuous Policing Improvement Command
CPIECrime Prevention Inclusion and Engagement
CPMCoached Patrol Module
CPMCommissioner of the Police of the Metropolis
CPMCorporate Performance Meeting
CPNCommunity Protection Notices
CPNICentre for the Protection of National Infrastructure
CPOCommissioner's Private Office
CPOCrime Prevention Officer
CPSCertification Practice Statement
CPSCrown Prosecution Service
CPTCentral Purchasing Team
CPTChild Protection Team
CPTDACentral Police Training and Development Agency
CPUCase Progression Unit
CPUChild Protection Unit
CPVChild Parent Violence
CQCCare Quality Commission
CRCommunity Resolution
CRAChild Rescue Alert
CRAMChildren Risk Assessment Model
CRAMMCCTA Risk Analysis and Management Method
CRBCollision Report Book
CRBCriminal Records Bureau
CRCCommunity Rehabilitation Company
CRDMPCrime Recording Decision Making Process
CRECommission for Racial Equality
CREVCrime Related Exhibit Vouchers
CRGsCrime Review Groups
CRIBCrime Recording Investigation Bureau
CRIMINTCriminal Intelligence
CRIPCommon Recognised Information Pictures
CRISCrime Report Information System
CRLCertificate Revocation List
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CRPVCrime-Related Property Voucher
CRRCommunity Race Relations
CRSCalling Routing System
CRTCounter Reconnaissance Team
CRTPCompetence-Related Threshold Payment
CRWCommunity Road Watch
CSCorson and Stoughton Incapacitant Spray (CS Spray)
CSCrime Scene
CSACentral Station Alarm
CSACorporate Strategic Assessment
CSASCommunity Safety Accreditation Scheme
CSAZCommunity Safety Action Zones
CSCCard Security Code
CSCCivil Service Compensation Scheme
CSCICommission for Social Care Inspectors
CSEChild, Sex Exploitation
CSECrime Scene Examiners
CSEWCrime Survey for England and Wales
CSISCustody Suite Imaging System
CSMCrime Scene Manager
CSMSCustomer Service Management System
CSPCommunity Safety Partnership
CSPCommunity Security Policy
CSRCorporate Social Responsibility
CSSCosted Security Strategy
CSSCustomer Satisfaction Survey
CSSPCommunity Safety Strategic Partnership
CSTCommunity Safety Team
CSTCommunity Security Trust
CSTComplaints Support Team
CSTCycle Safety Team
CSUCommunity Safety Unit
CTCounter Terrorism
CTACall Routing Tower Agreement
CTCContinuation Training Course
CTCCounter Terrorist Check
CTCCounter Terrorist Command
CTIComputer Telephony Integration
CTIBCentral Telephone Investigation Bureau
CTIOCounter Terrorism Intelligence Officer
CTPNOCCounter Terrorism Police National Operations Centre
CTSCareer Transition Service
CTSETCommunities Together Strategic Engagement Team
CTSFOCounter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers
CUCollation Unit
C-UASCounter-Unmanned Aerial System
CUSUCommunication Users Support Unit
CVFCompetency and Values Framework
CVSCrime Victim Survey
CVUCommercial Vehicle Unit
CWSRCalls Without Service Request
CYPSChildren & Young People’s Services
CYPSGChildren & Young People’s Strategy Group
CZCorporate Gazetteer
D of EDuke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
D&CDirection & Control
D/COMMDeputy Commissioner
D/NDData / No Data Flag
D/SuptDetective Superintendent
D4CDriving for Change
DADeclarable Associations
DADomestic Abuse
DAATDrug Alcohol Action Team
DACDeputy Assistant Commissioner
DACSODeputy Assistant Commissioner Special Operations
DAMOVOCurrent Telephony Supplier
DAMSDigital Asset Management System
DAPDiversity Awareness Programme
DARADirectorate of Audit Risk and Assurance
DARISDemand and Resource Information System
DASMDesignated Adult Safeguarding Manager
DATDrug Action Team
DCDetective Constable
DCCDeputy Commissioners Command
DCCDigital, Cyber and Communications
DCFDDiversity and Citizen Focus Directorate
DCIDetective Chief Inspector
DCNSDeputy Commissioner for National Security
DCPDeputy Commissioner's Portfolio
DCSDetective Chief Superintendent
DCSDirector of Commercial Services
DDADisability Discrimination Act
DDIDirect Dial Inward
DDMDesignated Disaster Mortuary
DDODesignated Detention Officer
DECTDigitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone
DEFRADepartment of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DEFSDigital Electronic Forensic Services
DESData Environment Solutions
Det CH SuptDetective Chief Superintendent
DetsDetails of the Investigation
DevNomDevelopment Nominal
DFDirector of Finance
DFLADemocratic Football Lads Alliance
DFSADrug Facilitated Sexual Assault
DHCDisability Hate Crime
DHEPDegree Holder Entry Programme
DHRDirectorate of Human Resources
DHRDomestic Homicide Review
DIDetective Inspector
DIAGDisability Independent Advisory Group
DIPDrug Intervention Programme
DIPsDiscriminating Irritant Projectiles
DIRDuty Intelligence Researcher
DISCDatabase and intranet for Safer Communities
DISCDisconnect Command
DIUDiscrimination Investigation Unit
DIUDivisional Intelligence Unit
DLSDepartment of Legal Services
DMDisconnect Mode
DMADivisional/Detainee Monies Account
DMCDirectorate of Media & Communications
DMMDaily Management Meeting
DMPCDeputy Mayor for Policing and Crime
DMSDuties Management System
DNADeoxyribonucleic Acid
DNSData Network Segment
DNTData Network Table
DOCODesigning Out Crime Officers
DOIDirectorate of Information
DOITDevelopment & Organisation Improvement Team
DOORsDynamic Object Orientated Requirements Systems
DORDirectorate of Resources
DoTDepartment of Transport
DP TOMDigital Policing Target Operating Model
DPDigital Policing
DPAData Protection Act 1998
DPADirectorate of Public Affairs
DPCSDepartment of Procurement & Commercial Services
DPGDiplomatic Protection Group
DPLODivisional Press Liaison Officer
DPOData Protection Officer
DPPDirector of Public Prosecutions
DPPODesignated Public Place Order
DPS SIDirectorate of Professional Standards – Specialist Investigations
DPSDirectorate of Professional Standards
DPSDDirectorate of Property Services
DRADynamic Risk Assessment
DRGDrug Reference Group
DRMDuty Resource Manager
DSDetective Sergeant
DSAData Sharing Agreement
DSADigital Signature Algorithm
DSADisability Services Association
DSAPDiversity Strategy Action Plan
DSCDesignated Security Co-ordinator
DSEIDefence and Security Equipment International
DSIDeath or Serious Injury
DSMUDiversity Strategy Monitoring Unit
DSODepartment Security Officer
DSTLDefence Science and Technology Laboratory
DSUDevelopment Support Unit
DSUDiscipline Support Unit
DSUDog Support Unit
DTCDuty to Cooperate
DTDDirectorate of Training & Development
DTIDepartment of Trade & Industry
DTODetention and Training Order
DTSDiversity Training School
DTSUDiversity Training Strategy Unit
DTTOsDrug Treatment and Testing Orders
DTUDivisional Training Unit
DUIDriving Under the Influence
DVDevelopment Vetting
DVDomestic Violence
DVAData Validation Application
DVADomestic Violence and Abuse
DVDSDomestic Violence Disclosure Schemes
DVIDisaster Victim Identification
DVLADriver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
DVOGDomestic Violence Operation Group
DVPNDomestic Violence Protection Notices
DVPODomestic Violence Protection Orders
DVWGDomestic Violence Work Group
DWODedicated Ward Officers
DWPDepartment of Work and Pensions
E&EEfficiency and Effectiveness
EAAElectoral Administration Act 2006
EABEvidence and Actions Book
EAHEarly Administration Hearings
EAPEnterprise Architecture Platform
EAWEuropean Arrest Warrant
EBMEvidential Breath Machine
EBPEvidence Based Policing
EBTIEvidential Breath Test Instrument
ECATEuropean Communities Against Trafficking
ECBExtended Control Byte
ECHREuropean Court of Human Rights
ECMEvent Clear-up Method
EDExcited Delirium
EDExpected Delivery
EDITEvidential Drug Identification Testing
EDLEnglish Defence League
EDMElectronic Document Management
EDRMElectronic Document and Records Management
EDUEarly Deletion Unit
EEAEuropean Economic Area
EEKEarly Evidence Kits
EFHEarly First Hearing
EFPEuropean Firearms Permit
EFQMEuropean Foundation for Quality Management
e-GIFe-Government Interoperability Framework
e-GMSElectronic Government Metadata Standards
e-GovernmentElectronic Government
EHRCEquality and Human Rights Commission
EIAEquality Impact Assessment
EIDUEvents & Income Development Unit
EIREnvironmental Information Regulations
EISECEnhanced Information Service for Emergency Calls
ELSEmergency Life Saving
ELSEmergency Life Support
ELTCCEast London Traffic Control Centre
ELVISEasy Link Vehicle Information System
EMExcellence Model
EMCEEC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMDEmotional or Mentally Distressed
EMDREye Movement De-sensitisation and Reprocessing
EMROEarly Morning Restriction Orders
EMSEnvironmental Management System
EMSCUEast Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit
EMTEmergency Medical Technician
ENSFIEuropean Network of Forensic Science Institutes
EOCEmergency Operator Centre
EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal Unit
EoSExtension of Service
EPAEmergency Planning Advisers
EPAEnduring Powers of Attorney
EPDsElectronic Personal Dosimeters
EPICEmergency Procedures and Information Centre
EPICEnforcement, Prevention Intelligence and Communication
EPMsEmergency Planning Managers
EPOEstate Police Officers
EPQExtended Project Qualification
EPUEvaluation and Performance Unit
ER and REmergency Response and Recovery
ERATElectronic Risk Assessment Tool
ERMElectronic Records Management
ERNICEarnings Related National Insurance Contributions
EROEvidential Review Officer
ERPEnterprise Resource Management
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ERPTEmergency Response and Patrol Team
ERPTEmergency Response Police Team
ERUEmployee Relations Unit
ERUEvidence Recovery Unit
ESEstates Strategy
ESBEmpress State Building
ESCEscape Character
ESDElectronic Service Delivery
ESDEvidential Screening Data
ESDsElectronic Screening Devices
ESFAEducation and Skills Funding
ESMCPEmergency Services Mobile Communications Programme
ESNEmergency Service Network
ESPEmployer Supported Policing
ESPREnvironment Strategy and Progress Report
ETEmployment Tribunal
ETUEmployment Tribunal Unit
EUEuropean Union
EWMSEmerald Warrant Management System
EWOEducation Welfare Officer
EWOMSEmerald Wanted Offender Management System
EWSEmbassy Warning System
EXPOExplosives Officer
FACEFight Against Child Exploitation
FACPNForensic Adolescent Community Psychiatric Nurse
FACTFederation Against Copyright Theft
FACTSFocus Achievements Challenges Transitions Staff
FALFirearms Licensing
FALCONFraud and Linked Crime Online
FALPFirst Aid Learning Process
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FATFactory Acceptance Test
FATACCFatal Accident
FAWFairness at Work
FAWAFairness At Work Adviser
FAWAAFairness At Work Appeals Adviser
FBCFallback Control Facility
FBCFinal Business Case
FBCFull Business Care
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigations
FBPFinance Business Partners
FCAFinancial Conduct Authority
FCDOForeign, Commonwealth & Development Office
FCIForensic Collision Investigators
FCPsForward Command Points
FCRForce Control Room
FCVForward Control Vehicles
FDC'SFoundation and Development Centres
FDSForce Development Services Limited
FETFirearms Enquiry Team
FFA UKFinancial Fraud Action UK
FIHWsFirst Instance Harassment Warnings
FINDSForensic Information Database Services
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standards
FISPMPS Information Security Policy
FITForward Intelligence Team
FIUFinancial Investigation Unit
FLAFamily Liaison Adviser
FLAFootball Lads Alliance
FLCFamily Liaison Co-ordinator
FLMFamily Liaison Manager
FLOFamily Liaison Officer
FMFacilities Management
FMCPFinancial Management Code of Practice
FMEFeature Manipulation Engine
FMEForensic Medical Examination
FMEForensic Medical Examiner
FMECAFailure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis
FNBDFix Need By Date
FODFiled on Division
FOGFraudulently Obtained Genuine
FOIFreedom of Information
FOIAFreedom of Information Act 2000
FOSFinancial Ombudsman Service
FPNFixed Penalty Notice
FPUFirearms Policy Unit
FQDNFederal Information Processing Statement
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
FRACASFailure Reporting And Corrective Action System
FRMFinance and Resources Manager
FRMRFrame Reject Command
FRPForensic Readiness Policy
FRRCFriends and Relatives Reception Centre
FSBFederation of Small Businesses
FSHCFour Seasons Health Care
FSPForensic Service Providers
FSRForensic Science Regulator
FTAFailure to Appear
FTAFault Tree Analysis
FTEFirst Time Entrants
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FTRSFull-Time Reservists Service
FVAFull Viability Assessment
GCJUGlidewell Criminal Justice Unit
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation
GDSCGovernment Data Standard Catalogue
GDSTGirls Day School Trust
GFLBGravity Friction Lock Baton
GHGifts and Hospitality
GISGeographic Information System
GLAGreater London Authority
GLADAGreater London Alliance Against Drugs and Alcohol
GLMCAGreater London Magistrates Courts Authority
GMPGreater Manchester Police
GMUGeneral Message Unit
GOLGovernment Office for London
GPGeneral Practitioner
GPGGood Practice Guide
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GRCGender Recognition Certificate
GRITSGang Related Incident Tracking System
GSGeneral Support
GSCGovernment Security Classification
GSZGovernment Security Zone
GTLOsGypsy and Traveller Liaison Officers
GTNGovernment Telecommunications Network
GUIGraphical User Interface
H/AHome Address
HACHumanitarian Assistance Centre
HALHeathrow Airport Limited
HARPsHousing Association Registered Providers
HASWAHealth And Safety at Work Act
HAZMATHazardous Material
HBAHonour Based Abuse
HBPOSHealth Based Places of Safety
HBVHonour Based Violence
HCIHuman Computer Interface
HCLOHate Crime Liaison Officer
HCMHuman Capital Management
HCOPHate Crime Outcome & Performance
HCPHealth Care Professional
HCVAHate Crime Victims Advocates
HDLCHigh Layer Data Link Control Procedure
HEADHealth, Education Accommodation and Drugs Team
HEMSHelicopter Emergency Medical Service
HFPTHammersmith and Fulham Policing Team
HHHalf Hour
HHTower Hamlets
HMHer Majesty / His Majesty
HMCCHomicide & Major Crime Command
HMCEHis Majesty’s Customs and Excise
HMCGHis Majesty’s Coast Guard
HMCPSIHis Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
HMCTSHis Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services
HMEPOsHazardous Material and Environmental Protection Officers
HMGHis Majesty’s Government
HMIC (T)His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary - Training
HMICHis Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary
HMICFRSHis Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services
HMIPHis Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons
HMISHis Majesty’s Immigration Service
HMPPAHis Majesty’s Prisons and Probation Service
HMSOHis Majesty’s Stationery Office
HOHome Office
HOCHouse of Commons
HOCRHome Office Counting Rules
HOGHome Office Guidance
HOIEHome Office Immigration Enforcement
HOLHouse of Lords
HOLMESHome Office Large Major Enquiry System
HomRAGHomicide Research Action Group
HORTHome Office Road Traffic
HOSOLHome Office Serious Offence List
HOSTYDSHollow Spiked Tyre Deflation System
HPDSHigh Potential Development Scheme
HRHuman Resources
HRAHounslow Revenue Account
HRAHuman Rights Act
HRECHounslow Racial Equality Council
HRMHuman Resources Manager
HRRAHuman Rights Risk Assessment
HSCICHealth and Social Care Information Centre
HSEHealth and Safety Executive
HSMHardware Security Module
HUAHold Up Alarm
I & RInspection & Review
I&TIntegrated & Test
I/C PublicIn-Coming Public Call
IAACInformation Assurance Advisory Council
IAGIndependent Advisory Group
IAMInvestment Advisory and Monitoring
IAMIslamophobic Awareness Month
IAOInformation Asset Owner
IARInformation Asset Register
IASBInformation Assurance and Security Board
IASCIndependent Anti-Slavery Commissioners
IATInter Agency Talk Groups
IAUInformation Assurance Unit
IBIntelligence Bureau
IBOIntegrated Borough Operations
ICIdentification Code
ICInformation Commissioner
ICASIntelligence Cell Analysis System
ICBImpact Co-ordination Board
ICCIncident Call Handling Centre
ICCSIntegrated Communications and Control Systems
ICFIntegrated Client Function
ICGIndependent Challenge Group
ICIDPInitial Crime Investigations Development Programme
ICOInformation Commissioner’s Office
ICPIndependent Challenge Panel
ICPIntegrated Communication Platform
ICPO/InterpolInternational Criminal Police Organisation
ICRPIslington Crime Reduction Partnership
ICRWInternational Centre for Research on Women
ICTInformation / Communications Technology
ICVIndependent Custody Visitors
IDGIntelligence Development Group
IDOIdentification Officer
IDRIncident Data & Resources
IDRsIncident Data Records
IDSInternal Despatch System
IDTInterpreter Deployment Team
IDVAIndependent Domestic Violence Advocates
IELTSInternational English Language Testing System
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IEUIncident Enquiry Unit
IEXInterim Exemption Scheme
IFACInternational Federation of Accountants
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Services
IGFInformation Governance Framework
IGIPIntegrated Gang Intervention Project
IHLInternational Humanitarian Law
IHRIll Health Retirement
IHRAInternational Holocaust Remembrance
IHRSIll Health Retirement Secretariat
IICInternal Investigations Command
IICSAIndependent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
IIIInternet, Intelligence and Investigation
IIOInitial Investigation Officer
IIPIntegrated Information Platform
IIPIntegrated Intelligence Platform
IIPInvestors in People
IIRImmediate Informal Resolution
IKWROIranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation
ILMCSInner London Magistrates Courts Service
ILPSInner London Probation Service
IMInformation Management
IMInformation Manager
IMBInformation Management Board
IMBInformation Management Branch
IMBAInformation Management Business Area
INFOSECInformation Security
IOInvestigating Officer
IOInvestigation Officer
IOCCOInterception of Communication Commissioner's Office
IOPCIndependent Office for Police Conduct
IOTAInvestigating Officer Throughput Analysis
IOWAInvestigating Officer Workload Analysis
IPIncident Print
IPCCIndependent Police Complaints Commission (Now replaced by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC))
IPFInformation Policy Framework
IPGInformation Programme Group
IPIImprovement of Police Information
IPLDPInitial Police Learning and Development Programme
IPMInformation Policy Model
IPMSInstitute of Professionals, Managers & Specialists
IPOIntervention Programme Officer
IPPInitial Phase Pursuit
IPSIndependent Patrol Status
IPSASInternational Public Sector Reporting Standards
IPTIntegrated Prosecution Teams
IRInformal Resolution
IRInformation Room
IRASInformation Risk Appetite Statement
IRBIncident Report Book
IRISIntegrated Rainbow Information System
IRSIntermediate Routing Site
IRSCInquiry and Review Support Command
IRSGInquiry and Review Group
IRTIdentification, Referral and Tracking system
IRTIntervention Response Team
IRVIncident Response Vehicle
IRVInstant Response Vehicle
ISInformation Security
ISInformation Systems
ISAInformation Sharing Agreement
ISABInformation Security and Assurance Board
ISBImpact Statements for Business
ISCFInformation Systems Compliance Framework
ISDPInvestigation Supervisors Development Programme
ISNIslington Survivors Network
ISOInformation Security Officer
ISOInternational Standards Organisation
ISPInformation Strategy Programme
ISPOsInterim Stalking Protection Act 2019
ISS4PSInformation Systems Strategy for the Police Service
ISSPIntensive Supervision & Surveillance Programme
ISTVInformation Sharing to Tackle Violence
ISVAIndependent Sexual Violence Advisers
ITIndustrial Tribunal
ITInformation Technology
ITHCInformation Technology Health Check
ITLIntegration Test Laboratory
ITSMIT System Management
ITTInvitation to Tender
IVAInitial Viability Assessment
IVMAIn Vehicle Mobile Application
IVMDIn Vehicle Mobile Devices
IVRInteractive Voice Response
IYSSIntegrated Youth Support Service
JARDJoint Asset Recovery Database
JCLECJakarta Centre for Law Enforcement and Cooperation
JCVIJoint Committee Vaccination and Immunisation
JDJudicial Disposal
JDMJoint Decision Makers
JEDIJoint Enforcement Development Initiatives
JESCCJoint Emergency Services Control Centre
JESIPJoint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme
JFLJustice for London
JFLJustice for London Project
JHRWJewish Human Rights Watch
JPFJack Petchey Foundation
JPMJoint Performance Management
JRFTJob Related Fitness Test
JRUJoint Response Unit
JSJDJustice Seen Justice Done
KCPOKnife Crime Protection Orders
KIISMETKnowledge Information Intelligence Solutions for the MPS
KINKey Individual Network
KLOEKey Lines of Enquiries
KPIKey Performance Indicator
KPRMKey Performance Review Meetings
KREsKnowledge Retention Examinations
KSIKilled or Seriously Injured
KYCKnow Your Customer
LAALocal Authority Agreement
LAALondon Air Ambulance
LACLooked After Children
LALOLocal Authority Liaison Officer
LANLocal Area Network
LASLondon Ambulance Service
LASPOLegal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012
LBHLondon Borough of Hounslow
LBHFLondon Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
LBPRLawful Business Practice Regulations
LBWFLondon Borough of Waltham Forest
LCDLord Chancellors Department
LCGLondon Coastguard
LCJBLocal Criminal Justice Board
LCJBLondon Criminal Justice Board
LCPFLondon Crime Prevention Fund
LCRCLondon Community Rehabilitation Company
LCSLanguage Cultural Service
LCVLight Commercial Vehicles
LDALondon Development Agency
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDCLearning Delivery Centre
LDSCLondon Digital Service Centre
LDSSLocally Delivered Support Services
LEALocal Education Authority
LEADLocal Environmental Awareness of Dogs
LESLPLondon Emergency Services Liaison Panel
LFBLondon Fire Brigade
LFEPALondon Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
LFMSLinguistic and Forensic Medical Services
LGBTAGLesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Advisory Group
LGVLarge Goods Vehicle
LINLocal Information Notepads
LIOLocal Intelligence Officer
LIONLondon Information On-Line
LIPLeading Investigation Programme
LLACCLondon Local Authority Coordination Centre
LOCOGLondon Organising Committee of Olympic and Paralympic Games
LOEGLicensing Operational Enforcement Group
LPALasting Powers of Attorney
LPIULondon Policing Impact Unit
LPMLocal Policing Model
LQCLegally Qualified Chair
LRADSLong Range Acoustic Devices
LRCLondon Research Centre
LROsLead Responsible Officers
LRPLondon Resilience Partnership
LRTLondon Resilience Team
LSABsLocal Safeguarding Adults Boards
LSBLeast Significant Bit
LSCLocal Security Champion
LSCBLondon Safeguarding Children Board
LSCPLondon Safety Camera Partnership
LSGCLong Service and Good Conduct
LSNLeast Significant Nibble
LSOLicenced Search Officer
LSOALower Super Output Area
LSPLocal Strategic Partnership
LTILondon Taxi International
LTNLow Traffic Neighbourhood
LTSLong Term Sickness
LULLondon Underground Limited
LVWSLondon Victims and Witness Service
LYCPBLondon Youth Crime Prevention Board
M&CAMisconduct & Civil Actions Command
MACCMilitary Aid to Civil Community
MACPMilitary Aid to Civil Power
MAGDMilitary Aid to Other Government Departments
MAHAMulti Agency Holding Area
MAMAMeasuring Anti-Muslim Attacks
MAMAMonitoring Anti-Muslim Attacks
MAMAMulti Agency Marshalling Area
MAPMicrosoft Accelerate Programme
MAPMobile Aware Project
MAPPAMulti-Agency Public Protection Agreements
MAPPSMulti-Agency Public Protection Panels
MARACMulti-Agency Risk Assessment Conferencing
MARIAMothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia
MASHMulti-Agency Safeguarding Hub
MASHMulti-Agency Support Hub
MASTSMobile Armed Support to Surveillance Officers
MBManagement Board
MCAMaritime and Coastguard Agency
MCFMajor Change Fund
MCMIMisconduct and Complaints Management Information
MCPRFMetropolitan and City Police Relief Fund
MCRACMET Wide Crimint Remote Access
MCSSSMetropolitan Civil Staffs Superannuation Scheme
MCVsMobile Control Vehicles
MDPMinistry of Defence Police
MDTMobile Data Terminal
MEATMost Economical Advantageous Tender
MENDMuslim Engagement and Development
MERITMobile Emergency Response Incident Team
Met AIRMPS Accident Information Reporting
Met HRMPS Human Resources Management System
Met OPSMPS Resources Management Computer System
Met PhoneMPS Internal Telephone System
MetMetropolitan Police Service
METADATAData About Data
MetCC-IRMetropolitan Command Complex - Information Room
MetCC-SORMetropolitan Command Complex - Special Operations Room
MetCUMPS Circulation Unit
METSEC CodeMPS Security Code Manual
METSECMetropolitan Police Service Security
METTUSMPS Trade Union Side
MGManual of Guidance file preparation forms
MGGBMarketing Group of Great Britain
MHAMental Health Act
MHAAMental Health Act Assessment
MIMajor Incident
MIManagement Information
MIMet Intelligence
MIBMet Intelligence Bureau
MICCManagement Information and Communication Centre
MIRMajor Incident Room
MIRSAPMajor Incident Room Standardised Administrative Procedures
MISManagement Information System
MISPERMissing Persons
MITMajor Investigation Team
MLAMutual Legal Assistance
MMRMonthly Management Report
MMRMonthly Monitoring Report
MOMedical Officer
MODMinistry of Defence
MOGManual of Guidance
MOPACMayor's Office for Policing and Crime
MOSOVOManagement of Sexual and Violent Offenders Course
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MOWPMaking Of Without Payment
MPMember of Parliament
MPAMetropolitan Police Authority
MPAAMetropolitan Police Athletic Association
MPBFMetropolitan Police Benevolent Fund
MPCBFMetropolitan Police Combined Benevolent Fund
MPCCUMetropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit
MPCFMetropolitan Police Commissioner's Fund
MPCHFMetropolitan Police Convalescent Home Fund
MPDMetropolitan Police District
MPFMet Performance Framework
MPFSMetropolitan Police Friendly Society
MPSMailing Preferences Service (The)
MPSManual of Protective Security
MPSMetropolitan Police Service
MPSCMetropolitan Police Sports Club
MPSCGMetropolitan Police Service Consultancy Group
MPSFMetropolitan Police Sports Fund
MPSGPAMetropolitan Police Staff Greek Police Association
MP-SORMPS Specialist Operations Room
MPSTCMetropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre
MPSWFMetropolitan Police Service Welfare Fund
MPUMarine Policing Unit
MPWWFMetropolitan Police Widows and Widowers Fund
MSAMass Spec Analytical
MSBMost Significant Byte
MSCMetropolitan Special Constable
MSFMuslim Safety Forum
MSLMaternity Support Leave
MSNMost Significant Nibble
MSOMessage Switch Office
MSPManaged Services Provider
MSSMessage Switching Service
MSSRMulti Stage Shuttle Run
MSUMarine Support Unit
MSVMost Serious Violence
MTBFMean Time Between Failure
MTFPMedium Term Financial Plan
MTIMPS Technology Infrastructure
MTIPMore Through with Intimate Parts
MTPMaster Test Plan
MTPASMobile Telephony Priority Access System
MVManagement Vetting
N A S C HName, Age, Sex, Colour, Height
NAANNational Appropriate Adult Network
NACRONational Association for Care and Resettlement of Offenders
NADNot Another Drop
NAFISNational Automated Fingerprint Identification System
NAMINational Alliance of the Mentally Ill
NAMPNational Association of Muslim Police
NAONational Audit Office
NARICNational Recognition Information Centre
NCALTNational Centre of Applied Learning Technology
NCDVNational Centre for Domestic Violence
NCISNational Criminal Intelligence Service
NCMNational Costing Model
NCMSNational Contact Management System
NCRSNational Crime Record Standards
NCRsNon-Catalogue Requests
NCSCNational Cyber Security Centre
NCSPNational Cyber Security Programme
NCTPNational Counter Terrorism Policing HQ
NCTTNational Community Tension Team
NDACNational Driver Awareness Course
NDISNational Driver Improvement Scheme
NDMNational Decision Model
NDMMNational Decision Making Models
NDORSNational Drivers Offenders Retraining Scheme
NDUCNorwegian Defence University College
NEPNational Enabling Programme
NFNational Front
NFANo Further Action/ No Fixed Abode
NFIBNational Fraud Intelligence Bureau
NFISNational Fingerprint Image System
NFONational Fingerprint Office
NFRNNational Federation of Retail Newsagents
NFSNational Fire Standard
NGDNext Generation Desktop
NGLPNational Graduate Leadership Programme
NGOSNon-Governmental Organisations
NHCNotting Hill Carnival
NHCAWNational Hate Crime Awareness Week
NHHNon Half Hour
NHSNational Health Service
NHSLANHS Litigation Authority
NINational Indicator
NICCNational, International Capital City Funding
NICENational Institute for Clinical Excellence
NIENational Investigation Exam
NIMNational Intelligence Model
NIPNotice of Impending Prosecution
NISNational Indicator Set
NJGNarrowing the Justice Gap
NLANewspaper Licensing Agency
NLSFNational Legal Services Framework
NMCCNetwork Management Control Centre
NMUSNational Managed Uniform Services
NNDRNational Non-Domestic Rates
NOIPNotice of Intended Prosecution
NOKNext of Kin
NOMSNational Offenders Management System
NONDCNorwegian National Defence College
NOSNotifiable Occupation Scheme
NPANational Police Air Service
NPASNational Police Air Service
NPCCNational Police Chief's Council
NPCENational Centre for Policing Excellence
NPFTCNational Agency of Police Firearms Training Curriculum
NPIANational Policing Improvement Agency
NPIRMTNational Police Information Risk Management Team
NPOCCNational Police Coordination Centre
NPPNational Police Plan
NPPFNational Planning Policy Framework
NPPFNational Police Promotion Framework
NPPSNew Police Pension Scheme
NPPVNon-Police Personnel Vetting
NPSNational Probation Service (The)
NPSANational Patient Safety Agency
NPSATNational Protective Services Analysis Tool
NPTNational Police Training
NRACNational Retention Assessment Criteria
NRCPDNational Registers of Communications Professionals working with Deaf and Deaf Blind People
NRMNational Referral Mechanism
NRSNational Recruitment Standards
NSACNational Speed Awareness Course
NSAC20+National Speed Awareness Course for 20mph
NSIRONational Senior Information Responsible Officer
NSLECNational Specialist Law Enforcement Centre
NSPCCNational Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NSPISNational Strategy for Police Information Services
NSPISNational Strategy for Police Information Systems
NSYNew Scotland Yard
NTANetwork Tower Agreement
NTENightime Economy
NTFIUNational Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit
NTLFormer Radio Service Supplier (Now Arqiva)
NUMSNational Uniformed Managed Service
NYPDNew York Police Department
OATPAOffences Against the Persons Act 1861
OBCOutline Business Case
OBIEEOracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
OBTJOffences Brought to Justice
OCAGOnline Child Activist Group
OCGOperational Command Group
OCGMOrganised Crime Group Mapping
OCJROffice of Criminal Justice Reform
OCSAEOnline Child Sexual Abuse Exploitation
OCSPOnline Certificate Statue Protocol
OCUOperational Command Unit
ODAOnline Dating Association
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OEPOperational Event Planner
OFSTEDOffice for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills
OGCOffice of Government Commerce
OHOccupational Health
OHAOccupational Health Adviser
OHCHOnline Hate Crime Hub
OHMOccupational Health Manager
OICOfficer In Charge
OICOfficer In the Case
OIDObject Identifier
OJEUOfficial Journal of the European Union
OMOperational Monitor
OMM 2020One Met Model 2020
Op EvalOperation Evaluation
OPGOffice of the Public Guardian
OPMOperational Patrol Module
OPMOperational Policing Measure
OPSUOperational Policing Support Unit
OSAOfficial Secrets Act
OSACOverseas Security Advisory Council
OSDOlympic Security Directorate
OSINTOpen Source Intelligence Tools
OSJAOverseas Security & Justice Assistance
OSSOperational Specialist Support - (Air Support Unit, Marine Support Unit & Dog Support Unit)
OSTOfficer Safety Training
OSTOperational Safety Training
OTISOperational Technology Information Service
OTISOperational Technology Support Unit
OTSUOperational Technology Support Unit
OUOpen University
OVCUOrganised Vehicle Crime Unit
OVROOverseas Visitors Records Office
PABENPolice Advisory Board of England and Wales
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
PACPre-Assessment Checklist
PACEPolice And Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PACsPolice Action Checklists
PACTParents and Abducted Children Together
PANIUPlant, Agricultural, National, Intelligence Unit
PAOPublic Access Office
PAOPublic Affairs Office
PAPProcurement Assurance Process
PaRTDPS Prevention and Reduction Team
PASPublic Access Space
PASPublic Attitude Survey
PASFPolice Approved Secure Facility scheme
PATPositive Action Team
PATProcurement Assurance Team
PATPProactive Assessment and Tasking Performa
PBOPermanent Beat Officers
PBXPrivate Branch Exchange
PCPersonal Computer
PCPolice Constable
PCPublic Complaint
PCAParental Control Agreement
PCAPolicing and Crime Act
PCBPre Charge Bail
PCCPolice and Crime Committee
PCCGPolice & Community Consultative Group
PCDAsPolice Constable Degree Apprenticeships
PCFTPolice Constable Foundation Training
PCHPolicy Clearing House
PCKIPublic Complaints Key Indicators
PCMPrevent Case Management
PCPPolice and Crime Plan
PCRPostal Charge & Requisition
PCSPublic and Commercial Services Union
PCSCPolice Crime Sentencing and Courts Act
PCSOPolice Community Safety Officer
PCSOPolice Community Support Officers
PCSPSPrincipal Civil Service Pension Scheme
PCTPrimary Care Trust
PDPersonality Disorder
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDDProfessional Development Day
PDFPortable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat)
PDRPerformance Development Review
PDRPersonal Development Review
PDSUPolice Driver Standard Unit
PDTProgramme Delivery Team
PDUProfessional Development Unit
PECSPrisoner Escort Contracted Service
PEELPolice Effective, Efficiency and Legitimacy
PEEPsPersonal Emergency Evacuation Procedures
PELFPalesta Event Liaison Facility
PEQFPolicing Education Qualifications Framework
PERPrisoner Escort Record
PFAPartnership Framework Agreement
PFIPrivate Finance Initiative
PGAPolice Geographical Area
PGDPatient Group Directors
PGTPan Government Thesaurus
PHEPublic Health England
PHMFPublic Health Mortality File
PIPerformance Indicator
PIPersonal Injury (Road Accident)
PIPrivacy International
PIAPrivacy Impact Assessment
PIABPolice Information Assurance Board
PIANOPersonal Injury Accident Notification Online
PIBPerformance Information Bureau
PIBPortfolio and Investment Board
PICDPost Incident Coordination Desk
PIDProject Initiation Document
PIMPost Incident Manager
PIMSPersonnel Information Management Systems
PINsPolice Information Notices
PIOPolice Incident Officer
PIPProfessional Investigation Programme
PITPublic Interest Test
PITOPolice Information Technology Organisation
PKCSPublic Key Cryptosystem Standards
PKIPublic / Private Key Infrastructure
PLPublic Liability
PLAPort of London Authority
PLAITParliamentary Liaison And Investigation Team
PLOPrison Liaison Officer
PLOProsecution Liaison Officer
PLPPress Liaison Point
PLRPrison Licence Recall
PMPersonnel Manager
PMProject Manager
PMAPolicy Management Authority
PMBSPolice Main Base Station
PMPPartnership Management Process
PMPProtective Monitoring Plan
PMSProtective Marking System
PNAPerformance Needs Analysis
PNACPolice National Assessment Centre
PNBPolice Negotiation Board
PNBsPersonal Notebooks
PNBsPocket Notebooks
PNCPolice National Computer
PNCBPolice National Computer Bureau
PNCIDPolice National Computer Identification
PNDPenalty Notice for Disorder
PNICCPolice National Information Coordination Centre
POPublic Order
POCAProceeds of Crime Act
POCETPublic Order and Civil Enquiry Team
PoFAProtection of the Freedoms Act
POLACCPolice Accident
POLCOLLPolice Collision
POLEPerson Object Location Event
POLSAPolice Search Adviser
POSCPublic Order Strategic Committee
POTCPublic Order Training Centre
POUPolice Organisation Unit
PPPolicing Priority
PPAFPolice Property Act Fund
PPAFPolicing Performance Assessment Framework
PPCMTPay and Pensions Contract Management Team
PPDPublic Protection Desk
PPEPersonal Protective Equipment
PPERAParties Political Elections and Referendum Act 2000
PPKPersonal Protective Kit
PPMPotential and Potential Matrix
PPOProlific Priority Offender
PPRCPlanning, Performance, Review Committee
PPSPolice Pension Scheme
PPSGPublic Protection Steering Group
PPTsPrisoners Processing Teams
PPUPublic Protection Unit
PPVPrisoners Property Voucher
PQQPre-qualification Questionnaire
PRPersonal Radio
PRAPolice Reform Act
PRAPublic Records Act
PRCPerformance Review Committee
PRCsPostal Requisition Charges
PredpolPredictive Policing
PRIPractice Requiring Improvement
PROPersistent Road Offenders
PromNomProminent Nominal
PROOFProtected Online Filing
PRRAPre-Release Risk Assessment
PRRBPolice Remuneration Review Body
PRSPerformance and Review Service
PRSPolicy Review Standards
PRUPerformance Review Unit
PSPersonal Secretary
PSPolice Sergeant
PSAsPublic Service Agreements
PSCPalestine Solidarity Campaign
PSCCProfessional Standards and Complaints Committee
PSCsProfessional Standards Champions
PSDProperty Service Department
PSDProperty Service Directorate
PSDBPolice Scientific and Development Branch
PSEDPublic Sector Equality Duty
PSGPersonnel Security Group
PSMPolice Sexual Misconduct
PSMAPublic Service Mapping Agreement
PSOsProblem Solving Officers
PSPProblem Solving Process
PSPLPost Staff Posting List
PSPOPublic Space Protection Order
PSRPre-Sentence Report
PSSCProfessional Standards Strategic Committee
PSSOPolice Skills and Standards Organisation
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
PSUPolice Support Unit
PSUsProfessional Standards Unit
PSVPublic Service Vehicle
PTDBPolice Training Development Board
PTF3Partnership Task Force 3
PTIUPathfinder Telephone Investigation Unit
PTOPublic Telecommunication Operator
PTRProgramme Trouble Reports
PTRBProgramme Trouble Report Board
PTSDPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTTPress to Talk
PTWPowered Two Wheelers
PTZPan, Tilt and Zoom
PUoFPolice Use of Firearms
PUPPolice Uplift Programme
PUREPolice Use of Resources Evaluation
PWITSPossession With Intent To Supply
PYOPersistent Young Offenders
PYTDPolice Year to Date
QAQuality Assurance
QCSQuality Control Supervisor
QPMQueen’s Police Medal
QSRQuality of Service Report
QUQuality Report
R&ARisk and Assurance Board
R&DNLRRace & Diversity National Learning Requirement
RARegistration Authority
RACResource Allocation Committee
RAFResource Allocation Formulae
RAFRoyal Air Force
RAGRed Amber Green system
RAILResources Allocation & Incident Logging
RAORegistration Authority Operator
RaptorsRoad Crime Team
RARTSRegional Assets Recovery Teams
RAYNETRadio Amateurs Emergency Network
RBCKRoyal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
RBFRegistry Bring Forward
RBSRoyal Bank of Scotland
RCARoute Cause Analyse
RCCORevenue Contribution to Capital
RCIORegional Crime Intelligence Officer
RCSRegional Crime Squad
RCTRandomised Control Trail
RDDRadiological Dispersion Device
RDPDRoyalty & Diplomatic Protection Department
REPARockingham Estate Play Association
RESRace Equality Scheme
RFRouting Failure
RFDRegistered Firearms Dealer
RFFIRequests For Further Information
RFIPRoyal Falklands Island Police
RFRRetrospective Facial Recognition
RIATRoyal International Air Tattoo
RICRail Incident Commander
RICRemand in Custody
RIDDORReporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
RIDERider Intervention Developing Experience (Powered two wheelers)
RIORail Incident Officer
RIPRetention Improvement Project
RIPARegulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
RJRestorative Justice
RMADSRisk Management Accreditation Document Set
RMBRecords Management Branch
RMCRacially Motivated Crime
RMCResource Managment Centre
RMGRoyal Mail Group
RMMRecords Management Manual
RMSRecords Management System
RMSResources Management System
RNLIRoyal National Lifeboat Institution
RORegistration Officer
ROCUsRegional Organised Crime Units
ROTIRecords of Taped Interviews
ROVIRecord of Video Interview
ROWDReporter of Wrong Doing
RPARepresentation of the People Act 1983
RPASRemotely Piloted Aerial Systems
RPCRoyal Parks Constabulary
RPRPReflective Practice Review Process
RPTRoads Policing Teams
RR (A) ARace Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
RRDReview, Retention and Disposal
RRGRape Reference Group
RSARoyal Society of Arts
RSGRevenue Support Grant
RSLRegistered Social Landlords
RSORegistered Sex Offender
RSPCARoyal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Rt HonRight Honourable
RTARoad Traffic Act/Road Traffic Accident
RTA/CRoad Traffic Accident/Collision
RTPRisk Treatment Plan
RTPCRoad Transport Policing Command
RTRARoad Traffic Regulation Act
RUIReleased Under Investigation
RVCRepeat Victims Camera’s
RVCTFRacial & Violent Crime Task Force
RVPRendezvous Point
RWCRugby World Cup
S&SStop and Search
S&YSchools and Youth
S/LService Level
SASecurity Accreditation
SABMSet Asynchronous Balanced Mode Command
SABsSafeguarding Adult Boards
SACSafeguarding Adult Co-ordinator
SACScene Access Control
SACSerious Acquisition Crime
SACSpecial Address Comment
SACMILLScientific Advisory Committee on the Medical Implication of Less – Lethal weapons
SAGSafety Advisory Group
SAGSpecialist Advisory Group
SALSecurity Aspects Letter
SAMMSupport After Murder and Manslaughter
SAMURAIStaff-support Associations Meeting Up Regularly and Interacting
SANStorage Area Network
SAOSubject Access Office
SARSearch and Rescue
SARSubject Access Request
SARCsSexual Assault Referral Centre
SASStaff Attitude Survey
SATSystem Acceptance Test
SBSpecial Branch
SBGSpit and Bite Guard
SBRStrategic Business Requirements
SCSecurity Check
SCSpecial Constable
SCSpecialist Crime
SCAIDPSpecialist Child Abuse Investigation Development Programme
SCCSurveillance Camera Commission
SCDSpecialist Crime Directorate
SCDSudden Death during Restraint
SCGSerious Crime Group
SCGSpecial Crime Group
SCHSpecial Case Hearings
SCIESocial Care Institute of Excellence
SCITSpecial Casework Investigation Team
SCOSpecialist Crime and Operations
SCRGSpecialist Crime Review Group
SCTISuper Civil Anti-Trespass Injunction
SDSanction Detection
SDARSelf Defence Arrest & Restraint
SDESelf Defined Ethnicity
SDGService Delivery Group
SDHPPCSafer Detention and Handling of Person in Police Custody
SDSShort Data Service
SDSSpecial Demonstration Squad
SDVCSpecialist Domestic Violence Court
SECSearch Exemption Certificate
SECStandard Equitation Centre
Secondary S/LSecondary Service Level
SeCOPService Reporting Code of Practice for Local Authorities
SEGSecure External Gateway
SEGSpecial Escort Group
SEMISSecurity Evaluation of MPS Information Systems
SENSpecial Educational Needs
SERCOPrisoner Escort Service
SERTSpecial Entry & Recovery Team
SETSpecial Enquiry Team
SFRStreamlined Forensic Reporting
SGCShotgun Certificate
SHANKSSeen, Heard, Actions, Conversation, Knowledge and Smell
SHPOSexual Harm Prevention Order
SHRAStrategic Human Resources Adviser
SHRMTSafety and Health Risk Management Team
SISpecial Investigations
SIASecurity Industry Accreditation Staff
SIAMSystem Integration Application management
SIMSenior Investigation Manager
SIMSerenity Integrated Mentoring (Programme)
SIOSenior Investigating Officer
SIPService Improvement Plan
SIROSenior Information Risk Owner
SIUService Intelligence Unit
SJTSituational Judgement Test
SLAService Level Agreement
SLFSafer London Foundation
SLOStores Liaison Officer
SLPStrengthening Local Policing
SLSPSystems Level Security Policy
SLTSenior Leadership Team
SMSecurity / System Manager
SMASocial Media Applications
SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely
SMBSchool Management Board
SMBStrategic Management Board
SMESmall and Medium Enterprises
SMFShort Management Format
SMGSanta Marta Group
SMIUSerious Misconduct Investigation Unit
SMPSelect Medical Practitioners
SMPService Mobilisation Plan
SMPSustainability Management Plan
SMPSustainability Management Programme
SMSSafety Management System
SMSShort Message Service
SMTSenior Management Team
SMTLSocial Media Team Leader
SNARLSouth Norwood Animal Rescue League
SNBsSafer Neighbourhood Boards
SNTSafer Neighbourhood Team
SOSpecialist Operations
SOCSerious and Organised Crime
SOCStrategic Outline Case
SOCASerious Organised Crime Agency
SOCASerious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005
SOCOScenes of Crime Officer
SOCPVStatement of Common Purpose & Values
SODFMScheme of Devolved Financial Management
SOECASexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse
SOIESet Off In Error
SOITSexual Offence Investigation Technique
SOLACESociety of Local Authority Chief Executives
SOPStrategic Outline Plan
SOPOSexual Offences Prevention Order
SOPsStandard Operating Procedures
SORSpecial Operations Room
SORStatement of Requirement
SOROCStudent Officer Record of Competence
SoSRStatement of Service Requirement
SPDSService Policy Disclosure Statement
SPFSecurity Policy Framework
SPGSenior Pay Group
SPIStatutory Performance Indicator
SpLDsSpecific Learning Difficulties
SPOCSingle Point of Contact
SPOsStalking Protection Orders
SPOsStudent Police Officers
SPPStrategic Policing Priorities
SPRStrategic Policing Requirement
SPSSenior Personal Secretary
SRBSchedule Review Board
SRBSingle Regeneration Budget
SRCSurvivor Reception Centre
SRLStrategic Resource Leverage
SROSenior Responsibility Officer
SROStation Reception Officer
SRRSpecialist Reconnaissance Regiment
SRSSurvivor Reception Centre Toolkit
SSSpecial Schemes
SSASpecial Service Agreement
SSABSystems Security Assurance Board
SSAIDPSpecialist Sexual Assault Investigation Development Programme
SSCLShared Services Connected Ltd
SSGSpecial Service Group
SSNSpecial Scheme Number
SSOSafer Schools Officers
SSORSystem Statement Of Requirements
SSPSafer Schools Partnership
SSPSSafer Sutton Partnership Service
SSSShared Support Services
STASingle Tender Action
STACScientific and Technical Advice Cell
STACStalking Threat Assessment Centre
STADVStanding Together Against Domestic Violence
STaNSafer Travel at Night
STARSociety of Ticket Agents and Retailers
STfASafer Travel for All
STLStatutory Time Limit
STMStrategic Training Meeting
STOPSSearch System Holding Records of Those Stopped and Searched
STRAStrategic Threat and Risk Assessment
STRIDEStrategic Inclusion Diversity and Equality Strategy
STTSafer Transport Teams
STUSpecially Trained Unit
STXStart of Frame Character
SUASmall Unmanned Aircraft
SUDISudden Unexpected Death in Infancy
SWAService Wide Assessment
SWGSecurity Working Group
SWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
SyAcSecurity Assurance Co-ordinator
SyOPSSecurity Operating Procedures
T&CsTerms and Conditions
TAASThe Appropriate Adult Service
TACTTerrorism Act 2000
TBTraining Board
TBNCThames Barrier Navigation Centre
TCTerminal Closet
TCTraffic Clerk
TCRACTemporary CRIMINT Remote Access
TCSUTraffic Control Systems Unit
TCTTown Centre Team
TDCTraining Detective Constable
TDIUTelephone and Digital Investigation Unit
TDJChadwell Heath (East Garage)
TDLBTraining & Design Lead Body
TDPCatford (South Garage)
TDQAlperton (North Garage)
TDTTraining Design Team
TDUTraining Design Unit
TDVMerton (West Garage)
TERTechnology Equipment Room
TETRATerrestrial Trunked Radio
TFCTactical Firearms Commander
TF-CBTTrauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
TFLTransport For London
TFMTrusted Facilities Management
TFMVTheft From a Motor Vehicle
THEOTower Hamlets Enforcement Officers
THRTransforming Human Resources
TIBTelephone Investigation Bureau
TICTaken Into Consideration
TICsToxic Industrial Chemicals
TIMsToxic Industrial Materials
TIUTelephone Investigation Unit
TMAGTraining Matters Action Group
TMBTraining Management Board
TNATraining Needs Analysis
TNOTotal Notifiable Offence
TOCTelephone Operator Centre
TOCUTransport Operational Command Unit
TOMTarget Operating Model
TORSTraffic Offence Reports
TP CBS OCUTerritorial Policing - Capability and Business Support Operational Command Unit
TPTerritorial Policing
TPACTactical Pursuit and Containment
TPC&STerritorial Policing Capability and Support
TPCCCTerritorial Police Command & Control Centre
TPCJTerritorial Policing Criminal Justice
TPCSOTraffic Police Community Support Officer
TPHQTerritorial Police Head Quarters
TPPTotal Professionalism Programme
TPSTelephone Preference Service (The)
TPUTraining Policy Unit
TRBTechnical Review Board
TRBTotal Resource Budget
TRPThe Royal Parks
TRRTest Readiness Review
TSTeam Support
TSCTraffic Support Clerk
TSDTransport Services Department
TSGTerritorial Support Group
TSRTactical Safety Response
TSSTrading Standards Service
TSSATrans Staff Support Association
TSUTraining Standards Unit
TTATime To Answer
TTCGTactical Tasking and Coordinating Group
TTLThreats To Life
TTMTactical Tasking Meeting
TTPTotal Technology Programme
TTRTerrestrial Trunk Radio
TTWTechnical Training Wing
TUTrails Unit
TUCTrade Unions Congress
TUPETransfer of Undertakings (Protections of Employment) Regulations
TVCTotal Victim Care
TVNPTele Vision Network Protocol
TWTraffic Warden
TWMTraffic Warden Manager
UABUniform Appearance Board
UALUnlawfully at Large
UATUnmanned Air Technology
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicles
UCRUniform Crime Reporting
UKUnited Kingdom
UKBAUnited Kingdom Border Agency
UKFPUUK Football Policing Unit
UKHTCUnited Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre
ULEZUltra Low Emissions Zone
UMEUnlicensed Music Event
UMLUnified Modelling Language
UnisysCurrent C & C Supplier
UoFUse of Force
UoFPOUse of Force for Public Order
UPSUninterrupted Power Supply
URNUnique Reference Number
USSUser Satisfaction Survey
UTCUniversal Time Co-ordinate
VAFVulnerability Assessment Framework
VAPViolence Against a Person
VASVoluntary Aid Societies
VATValue Added Tax
VAWGViolence Against Women and Girls
VCDViolent Crime & Directorate
VCOPVictim Code of Practice
VCRMVerification Cross Reference Matrix
VCTFViolent Crime Taskforce
VDDVersion Description Document
VDRSVehicle Defect Rectification Scheme
VDTVisual Display Terminal
VDUVisual Display Unit
VELVehicle Excise Licence
VEMVisible Ethnic Minorities
VfMValue for Money
VFPVisitors Firearms Permit
VIIDOVisual Identification Image Detection Office
VIPERViolent Persons Restraint
ViTACVessel Interdiction Tactics
VIWVictim, Informant, Witness
VOLTVictim, Offender, Location, Time
VOMSVictims of Modern Slavery
VPCVolunteer Police Cadets
VPCCVolunteer Police Cadet Coordinator
VPSVictim Personnel Statement
VRESVehicle Recovery and Examination Service
VRMVehicle Registration Mark
VRRVictims Right to Review
VRUViolence Reduction Unit
VSVictim Support
VSPVisitors Shotgun Permit
VSSVictim Support Scheme
VSUViolence Suppression Unit
VTSVessel Traffic Services
VWIViolence With Injury
WABCUWestern Area Basic Command Unit
WADSWitness Album Display System
WAFTOWorking Away from the Office
WANSWide Area Networks
WBAWork Based Assessors
WBAWork Based Assignment
WBSWork Breakdown Structure
WBSIDWork Breakdown Structure Identifier
WCCWestminster City Council
WCOSPWorship Company Of Security Professionalism
WCUWitness Care Unit
WDUWhat’s Driving Us
WECTUWest Extremism and Counter Terrorism Command Unit
WEEEWaste Electrical & Electronic Equipment
WGAWhole Government Accounts
WGBCRPWood Green Business Crime Reduction Partnership
WIGWhitehall Industrial Group
WSUWitness Support Unit
WTRWorking Time Regulations
YACSYouth And Community Section
YAPYouth Advocate Programme
YBYLYour Belt Your Life
YCPYouth Crime Prevention
YCRSYouth Crime Reduction Strategy
YEDOYouth Engagement and Division Officer
YETYouth Engagement Team
YIPYouth Inclusion Programme
YISPYouth Inclusion & Support Panel
YJBYouth Justice Board
YOISYoung Offenders Information System
YOSYouth Offending Service
YOTsYouth Offending Teams
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