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TagEditor in SDL Trados 2006 offers two options that allow you to concentrate solely on newly translated segments when proofreading:
1.   In TagEditor, go to the Tools menu and then to Plug-ins.
2.   Select the TRADOStag Viewer Plug-in.
3.   Then click on Properties.
4.   In the window that opens, select TableView from the Stylesheets drop-down list.
5.   Click OK.
6.   Make sure the TRADOStag Viewer Plug-in box is checked before closing the Plug-in window by clicking OK.
7.   Now go to View and select Preview Mode --→ Bilingual .
This will open Internet Explorer with a table view of your TagEditor document. The left column contains the source text and the right column the target text. The column Match Percent on the far left shows the match value for each segment. Values are colour coded to show you the match type at a glance, e.g. green for 100% matches, yellow for fuzzy matches.

Note: make sure Internet Explorer is able to display blocked content. This will let you take advantage of the following trick: click on the Match Display Options button. This opens a drop-down menu where you can select or unselect match types (e.g. exact matches, 95%-99% fuzzy matches). The table view then only displays the selected match types, allowing you to concentrate on just the newly translated segments for instance.

There is one disadvantage: although the view is very user-friendly, you cannot jump straight from the Internet Explorer view to the corresponding segment in TagEditor to correct any errors you may discover. Instead you will need to make use of the TagEditor's search function to locate incorrect segments.

There is another method ... an "original" of the QA Checker can be of help:

You can also make use of another method offered by TagEditor to filter out certain match types and jump to specific segments when proofreading. This involves a slight 'misuse' of the SDL Trados QA Checker . The QA Checker is really there to draw your attention to errors in the translation, e.g. numbering and punctuation mistakes. But you can also use this plug-in as a 'match filter'. To do this, just go back to Tools ? Plug-ins in TagEditor.
·   Select SDL TRADOS QA Checker from the list, click on Properties and then on Settings.
·   Find the tab Segments to Exclude.
·   Use the check boxes to select the segments you do not want to display, e.g. Exact matches.
·   Then select the option Report all non-excluded segments at the bottom left of the window. When this option is checked, the QA Checker will not report segments that are not an exact match from the TM, regardless of whether they contain numbering mistakes, punctuation errors, etc.

·   Then go to the Log File tab and select the option Keep log file . Although this not absolutely necessary, it is more convenient to store the filtered out matches in an external file.
·   Click on OK three times consecutively to close the plug-in windows and return to the current TagEditor document.
·   Now press F8 to start the QA Checker.
·   You should now see links to all the non-excluded match types in the Checker window. Double-click on a link to jump to the corresponding segment.
·   If you have created a log file (see Step 5) you can now go to Tools -→ Plug-ins. Select the SDL TRADOS QA Checker again and then click on Properties -→ Settings. Select the Log File tab and click on View.
This will display the 'filtered out' segments in a table in Internet Explorer. Clicking on an Open in TagEditor link will take you directly to the corresponding segment in TagEditor so that you can correct it as necessary.


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