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Learning Latin (recommended resources) - billberg23

adstante febre (adst. feb.) → while fever lasts, while fever is present, when fever is present - spiros

quod non mortalia pectora coges, auri sacra fames –> what aren't you able to bring men to do, miserable hunger for gold - spiros

de duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum –> of two evils, always choose the lesser one - spiros

exceptio firmat regulam → exception that proves the rule - spiros

fames optimum condimentum → hunger is a good sauce, hunger is the best pickle, hunger is the best sauce, hunger is the best seasoning, hunger is the best spice - spiros

paupertas omnes artis perdocet → poverty alone promotes skilled work, necessity is the mother of invention, necessity is the mother of all invention, poverty is the mother of invention, out of necessity comes invention, out of necessity came invention, frugality is the mother of invention - spiros

pro captu lectoris habent sua fata libelli –> according to the capabilities of the reader, books have their destiny - spiros

omnia aeterna → everything is forever, everything is eternal - spiros

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